Hyper Scape server connection error explained and a potential fix

The servers are having some issues.

Hyper Scape

The official launch of Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s battle royale game, has not been without blemishes. Some players encounter a server connection issue when they first attempt to jump into the game, primarily those playing on consoles. The error comes up with a pop up that directly readers ‘server connection error,’ detailing out how the game’s servers are unavailable, and to try again or to contact Ubisoft’s support page. Luckily, there appears to be a quick fix to this issue, but it doesn’t work for everyone.

The team behind the Hyper Scape twitter page recommend players restart their game and attempt to start it again. They need to log into their Uplay account before connecting to the game. If the error happens again when trying to reconnect, go to your Uplay profile and change the password, and try again.

Unfortunately, a handful of comments in the thread have reported doing precisely this, restarted the game, and even uninstalled with the same error popping up. The issue could be on the developer’s side for Hyper Scape, and it might need to stabilize as everyone attempts to connect to the game. Hyper Scape initially launched into its beta on PC, but the official launch brings consoles into the mix, and yes, there is crossplay, which could be factoring into these problems. 

It might be better to take a step away from Hyper Scape until these server issues level out. You can follow the Hyper Scape official twitter page to learn more about the team is handling these problems, and the overall progress of any new errors players may encounter during the game’s launch. It’s a free-to-play game, and the first season is available to everyone, so who doesn’t want to at least try it out?