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Indie Live Expo 2023 Summer Spotlight – How to Watch & All Featured Games

Keep track of when and how to watch the Indie Live Expo 2023 Summer Showcase and see every featured game from the event.

Indie Live Expo 2023 Summer Spotlight is an indie-focused showcased filled to the brim with wonderful games anyone can play right now or in the not-too-distant future. The event takes place on August 1 and is the only place for indie fans looking for their favorite gaming news this summer.

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In this guide, we’ve outlined where and how to watch Indie Live Expo 2023 Summer Spotlight, including links to videos fans can watch live or after the event has ended. We’ll also be updating this guide with each featured game, ensuring fans have a reference for the titles they enjoy, be it a new trailer or Steam page.

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Where & How to Watch Indie Live Expo 2023 Summer Spotlight

Fans watched Indie Live Expo 2023 Summer Spotlight on August 1, 2023 at 2.30 AM PT. The show will lasted for one hour and featured 50 different indie games. The even was streamed on both the official YouTube channel and Twitch channel. For now, fans can rewatch the Indie Live Expo 2023 from the stream VOD above to prepare for the Summer Showcase.

The Twitch channel will be the best source for a live feed, but anyone watching after the event should default to the YouTube channel since the upload quality will be superior. It’s also a great place to join in with the community, chatting about the games on the show long after the live conversation has petered out.

Below, we’ve listed all the games featured during Indie Live Expo 2023 Summer Showcase. We’ve included links to the Steam page for each title so anyone can jump directly to them if they want to purchase or wishlist them.

Station to Station

Station to Station is a relaxing minimalist game about building a tiny railway with connections for each stop that serve the land. The game is available to wishlist now with a 2023 release date.

Chasing the Unseen

In Chasing the Unseen, players climb colossal creatures to solve puzzles based all around them. It’s available to Wishlist on Steam and has a demo for anyone to play.


Image via Logicalbeat

BOM BOM BOMBIAN is a game throwing bombs to become the ultimate champion, available to play in Early Access on Steam now.


In Terrascape, players build their ideal city using randomized packs of cards that dictate what they’re able to place. The idea is to place those cards wisely and earn the most points possible. The game is out now in Early Access on Steam.

Korokoro Harley

In Korokoro Harley, players take on the role of a ball-like creature and work their way through miniature courses that put their skills at navigation to the test. The game is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Hosizoratensei Another Sky

Hosizoratensei Another Sky is an upcoming RPG that fans can register their interest for on the game’s official site. Unfortunately, there’s no trailer available outside of the main livestream.

TORIDAMA: Brave Challenge

TORIDAMA: Brave Challenge is a collection of strange minigames akin to the WarioWare franchise. Players must work through each minigame as quickly as possible with an ever-growing level of difficulty. It’s out now on Steam.

To My Love Forever

In To My Love Forever, players need to guide a letter through room after room of puzzles by launching it to the end in this physics-based puzzle title. The game is out now on Steam and on sale for a dirt cheap price.

Eto King

In Eto King, players battle enemies n a tower defense title where they place powerful buildings using signs of the Zodiac. Fans can grab it from the App Store or Google Play Store via the developer’s website.

Animal Planner

Image via MittagPause

Animal Planner is a cozy little puzzle game about solving complex problems using cute animals. There’s a demo out now on Steam, but no release date at the time of writing.

WitchSpring R

WitchSpring R is a story-driven RPG that has players battling, collecting, and doing a few cozy activities in what looks like a fairly hefty adventure. It’s coming to consoles and PC at some point in the future, but fans can wishlist it now on Steam.


Image via Hayanari

Gluck is a short 2D action adventure game set in a mine. Players take on one of the miners and dive deep under the world to make new discoveries. It’s available to wishlist on Steam now but has no release window.

Cabin of Shadows – Dueling Impostors

Cabin of Shadows -Dueling Impostors is a dueling game that revolves around short games of Jinrou. It’s not out on Steam yet, but fans can follow the game’s developer on Twitter for more information.

Terra Flame

Terra Flame is a horizontal shmup packed with all the classic tropes of the genre and an incredible art style. It’s out now on Steam and Nintendo Switch for anyone to jump in and play.

A Street Cat’s Tale 2

In A Street Cat’s Tale 2, players will experience the daily struggles of a street cat through feline eyes. It’s a narrative adventure game with lots of charm, out now on Steam.

Monster Survivor

Monster Survivor is a mobile game for iOS and Android that’s all about adapting animals to survive in harsh environments.


Image via Kuartik

In Adorabilis, players take on the role of a guiding ghost and help Adorabilis get home by defending it from threats and guiding it through dangerous paths. It’s out now for all to play on Steam.

Battle Bows

Battle Bows is an epic VR game in which players use bows to take out waves of enemies before they reach their tower. It has co-op functionality and is available now on Steam.

Pizza King Fight

Pizza King Fight is a mobile title for iOS and Android in which players create pizzas by breaking objects and using them as toppings. It’s coming soon, but fans can keep an eye out on the developer’s website for updates.

Roots of Pacha

Roots of Pacha is an incredible cozy title where players guide a tribe to success in the stone age. It’s very much Stardew Valley with a prehistoric twist. The game is available now on Steam and fans can use our guide to get started in the best way possible.

Potion Permit

Potion Permit is an open-ended simulation RPG that tasks players with being the local herbalist. They need to diagnose illnesses and create treatments for them by foraging for ingredients and making the correct potions. It’s out now for all major platforms and PC via Steam.

Bread and Fred

Bread and Fred is an adorable co-op platformer that tasks players with controlling two penguins on their journey to the top of a mountain. It’s out right now on Steam in all its cutesy glory.

Hell of an Office

Hell of an Office is a devilish 3D platformer that throws players through hell as an office worker sick of their day. The first person camera makes for a thrilling experience where players get up close to the action. It’s available in Early Access now for all on Steam.

Quick Choice Girl

Quick Choice Girl is an endless runner, except players must make choices for their protagonist instead of only dodging obstacles and picking directions. It’s out right now on iOS and the Google Play Store.

El Pantero The Baker

Screenshot by Sketchy Ceviche

El Pantero The Baker is a 2D action arcade platformer where players must complete levels with nothing but fists and a rolling pin and basd-based powerups. It’s available to wishlist on Steam now with a demo.

Touhou: Lost Branch of Legend

In Touhou: Lost Branch of Legend, players build their ideal deck to duel with gensokyo girls and chase mysteries on the moon. It has incredible visuals and an intriguing gameplay loop. Fans can jump into the Early Access build right now on Steam.

Million Shells

In Million Shells, players take on the role of a Slugger-X-Delta cannon in the year 2222, destroying aliens before they get anywhere near where they can cause damage to humanity. It’s out now on Nintendo Switch.

Three Days to Chicago

In Three Days to Chicago, players get to experience the discussions between two characters over the course of a three-day train trip when they share their lives. Fans can keep an eye out for news on the developer’s website.

Gunfu Fighter

Image via ZHANG FAN

Gunfu Fighter is a puzzle game similar to Superhot, but players use bullet time to judge where enemies are and take them out strategically. It’s available now on Steam for anyone to play.

Beyond Sunset

Beyond Sunset is a narrative-driven first-person shooter in a retro cyberpunk universe. It’s gritty and uses RPG elements to help players build their perfect character. The game is slated as coming soon but there’s currently a demo available on Steam.

Tails of Trainspot

Tails of Trainspot is a unique, quirky adventure across an island filled with mystery. As players progress through the story, they’ll unlock and play through a variety of minigames and fiendish puzzles. The game is out now on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Dawn of the Monsters

Dawn of the Monsters is a side-scrolling Kaiju beat-em-up, allowing players to live out the power fantasy of being a colossal monster beating up another colossal monster while a city is crushed underfoot. The title is available to purchase now on Steam PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Rightfully Beary Arms

Rightfully Beary Arms is a bullet hell roguelike with a twist. Players choose their own upgrades and gather weapons and upgrades to help them as they progress, but they’ll also choose enemy upgrades that they’ll need to balance against their own. The title is out now in Early Access on Steam and Xbox.

Piggy Gambit

Image via Tofu Soup

Piggy Gambit is a box puzzle game that combines elements of chess with the puzzler genre to make for something that’s pretty unique. The game is out right now on Steam with a free demo to try ahead of purchase.

Lethal Crisis リーサルクライシス

Screenshot via Daisessen

Lethal Crisis リーサルクライシス is a fast-paced action game that revolves around speedy attacks, air dashing, and mastering combat. Fans can pick the game up on Steam now.


Explore is an authentic open world soulslike featuring brutal combat and chibi characters. This intriguing take on the genre comes from developer Crucify. Unfortunately, we weren’t provided with a link to this game’s page, potentially due to regional availability. If we’re directed to the correct location, we’ll add it here.

Owarinokane Ga Narumaeni Chapter.1 Plus Edition

Owarinokane Ga Narumaeni Chapter.1 Plus Edition is a free-to-play sequel to one of developer Cynical Honey’s most popular titles. It’s a narrative-driven game with anime visuals that are drop-dead gorgeous. Fans can track the game’s progress by following it on the developer’s website.

Ruins Story

Image via Pujia8Limited WinningStarters

Ruins Story is a 2D roguelite shooter with pixel graphics that really enhance the creepy story told between the action. It’s out now for iOS and Android through the developer’s website.


Romancelvania is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a tongue-in-cheek romance novel between levels of side-scrolling action inspired by the greatest Metroidvania games. The genre mashup is out now on Steam, the Epic Game Store, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Cyber NINJA that Climbs the City

In Cyber NINJA that Climbs the City, players climb the skyscrapers of Cyber Tokyo while slicing up the local police force with their katana. A grappling hook helps them ascend the highest heights of the metropolis to admire the view from above. The game is out now on Steam.

Stick to the Plan

Image via Dead Pixel Tales

Stick to the Plan is an ingenious take on the tiny puzzle genre. Players control a tiny dog that loves long sticks, forcing them to manage his movements through each puzzle to avoid breaking the stick, getting stuck, or otherwise not reaching his destination. There is a demo now available on Steam where fans can also wishlist the title if they like the look of it ahead of its September 12 release date.

Land Above Sea Below

In Land Above Sea Below, players must build their tiny islands as high as possible to avoid the slowly flooding lowlands. Despite the slightly stressful premise, this game promises to be cozy and relaxing, a warming little task to play on cold nights. It’s available to wishlist now on Steam for future updates.

Nova Strike

Nova Strike is a retro shooter that puts players against waves of enemies until they succumb. Then, they can purchase upgrades and come back stronger than before to finish off even more waves. The game is out right now on Steam, the Epic Game Store, PS5, and Xbox.

Demon Sword: Incubus

In Demon Sword: Incubus, players use spells and swords to destroy enemies in bombastic encounters in a 3D-side scrolling action adventure. The game is out now for all to enjoy on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Marine Hearts

Screenshot via Sandfish

In Marine Hearts, players have become a heart that’s exploring the seas and rivers while fish attempt to batter them with attacks from all sides. It’s a first person bullet hell adventure unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The game is available to play now on Steam.

Mystery Lover

In this intense mystery game, protagonist Wei must find his girlfriend after a series of Virtual Idol incidents have taken place in a supernatural club. The game is available on Nintendo Switch, but we weren’t provided with a link to the store page, potentially due to regional restrictions. We’ll add a link here should we receive one in the future.

PuPu’s Adventure Park

PuPu’s Adventure Park puts players in control of a theme park for heroes from nearby planets that they must build from scratch. They’ll need to meet the demands of their customers to expand and complete other objectives along the way as the story unfolds. The title is out now on Steam and WeGame.

Shapez 2

Image via tobspr Games

Shapez 2 is a factory game that looks incredibly complicated but promises to be an engrossing experience in automation similar to other titles in the genre, like Factorio. The game is coming to Steam in 2024, but players can wishlist it now to stay ahead of alerts and updates.

Asym Altered Axis

Asym Altered Axis is a co-op action game in which players can either raid bases for loot or defend their own from others using traps and deviousness. A demo is out now on Steam where players can wishlist for updates on the future release date.

Chicken Police: Into the HIVE

Chicken Police: Into the HIVE is another entry in the Chicken Police series of point-and-click adventure games starring two chicken detectives and a worldwide conspiracy. Of course, there’s also a little battle with inner demons to make this a fully-rounded hard-boiled detective story. The game has only just been announced, so there’s no release date yet, but it’s out there for fans to wishlist on Steam.

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle

The final game of the show was Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle, sequel to the intense and horrifying Daymare 1998. the title is a survival horror game that takes heavy inspiration from Resident Evil and Silent Hill but is very much its own beast now. It’s coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam on August 29, just ahead of a busy September.

What is Indie Live Expo?

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Indie Live Expo is the biggest live digital showcase for indie games. To date, the event has attracted over 73 million viewers and shown more than 1,800 games across every showcase it’s run. The best way to think of it is as a blend between a physical event where dozens of developers feature their games at booths and a Nintendo Indie World.

The event organizers seek out interesting indie games to feature, collect trailers and other details from the developers, and put together a live show that millions tune into. The details of every game are shared in the hopes that more fans are found when they see the game in action and click through to its page.

The biggest problem indie developers have is marketing their games. Big publishers such as EA and Ubisoft have massive budgets to throw at showing off their games to new potential fans, but indie developers are stuck with social media and whatever else they can get their hands on.

Indie Live Expo is a huge event specifically for these smaller titles that many believe deserve more attention than they get. It’s a place where like-minded people can find thought-provoking games that will stick with them for the rest of their lives without sifting through thousands of posts on social media.

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