Does Among Us support cross-platform play on Nintendo Switch?

Catch the impostor across any platform!

Amidst the long list of big-budget titles releasing in 2020, Among Us turned out to be the dark horse of the year. While the game was initially released back in 2018, it gathered a lot of traction in the past few months. After the game’s success, the developers recently announced the Switch version.

Much to fans’ delight, the Nintendo Switch version of the game will be supporting cross-platform play, meaning players will be able to play with their friends irrespective of the platform they are playing on. The game has quite a straightforward lobby system, and just like the mobile version, just entering the lobby code and choosing the proper region should be enough to play with your friends.

If you are the one creating the lobby, all you need to do is click on Online in the Main Menu and select Create under Host. Select the map, number of impostors, and the total number of players and click on Confirm to create the lobby. The lobby code will appear at the bottom of the screen, and you can share it with your friends.

If you are not the host, click on the Enter Code text box under the Private section to enter the code of the lobby. The server can be changed by clicking on the globe icon on the bottom right.

Among Us’ popularity made the developers plan a sequel to the title; however, they canceled it later on and decided to focus on the existing game itself. A new map and several quality-of-life changes followed after the announcement, with more maps and changes slated to release soon. The game was also awarded as the best multiplayer title of 2020 at The Game Awards 2020, an incredible achievement for a small indie team.