Is Death Step good in Blox Fruits?

Is Death Step worth your time? A critical look at this explosive fighting style.

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In Blox Fruits, players can master various combat styles to take down enemies and progress through the game. One of the options is Death Step, which is known for its powerful kicks and explosive moves. But is it worth learning? This guide closely examines Death Step and its effectiveness in Blox Fruits.

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Should you use Death Step in Blox Fruits?

Death Step is a powerful fighting style in Blox Fruits and offers the second-highest damage output in the game while Maximum Overheat (V) is active. Additionally, its fire damage over time makes it even more potent. Its combo potential is also high, thanks to its Vermillion Drill (C) move, which is one of the highest stun moves of all fighting styles, and it has a good AOE for Wind Bullet (X) move. It is fast-paced, making it excellent for PvP and bounty hunting. Furthermore, all its moves can hit Sea Beasts, making it a recommended choice when fighting them.

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However, Death Step also has some issues that players should consider. For instance, its Maximum Overheat (V) move has the highest mastery requirement in the game, and players need the Double Devil of its predecessor, Dark Step, to have its own double ignition. The moves are challenging to hit opponents from afar, and the Vermillion Drill (C) move can be tricky to land in PvP if your opponent is moving. Additionally, it has semi-broken hitboxes when used with Human: Buddha, making its moves challenging to hit.

In summary, Death Step is a powerful fighting style that can deal massive damage, has excellent combo potential, and is perfect for PvP and bounty hunting. While it has some drawbacks, its usefulness outweighs the problems, making it worth getting in Blox Fruits.

Death Step moveset

Here are all the moves for Death Step and their required mastery levels. 

  • Rocket Kick (Z) – Mastery 100
  • Wind Bullet (X) – Mastery 200
  • Vermillion Drill (C) – Mastery 300
  • Maximum Overheat (V) – Mastery 400