Is ESO down? How to check Elder Scrolls Online’s Server Status

Get back in-game faster.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Whether you just got booted from finishing up a dungeon or are waiting for maintenance to finish so you can get back in-game, checking the server status of Elder Scrolls Online is important for players. Not everyone can sit at their computer and refresh the ESO launcher repeatedly, so here’s a tip on how to check Elder Scrolls Online’s server status.

As mentioned earlier, you could try to log in every few minutes — but the process is not fun. No one wants to load up the launcher and wait patiently for a few seconds only to be told that servers are undergoing maintenance. A better way to check is to load up ESO Server Status, an independently owned webpage that ping the servers every minute or so and shows you the status of ESO. The webpage automatically refreshes every ping, so you can leave it open and glance at it every few minutes!

The webpage covers all of the megaservers, including PC, Xbox, and Playstation, and it works on mobile devices as well. This is the easiest way to check server status and get into the game as soon as it’s back up. Just be aware that you might run into login issues even if the webpage says that servers are up — you’re not the only one rushing to get back in-game, after all.