Is Fall Guys still free on PlayStation Plus?

Can you get Fall Guys for free on PlayStation 4 still?

How to play Fall Guys on Mac?

Fall Guys is one of the biggest success stories in 2020. The game show inspired battle royale has taken over the game industry with its funky ragdoll physics and genuine fun game design.

While the game is only available on Steam and PlayStation 4 as of this writing, it was free on PS4 for people to download the game in its release month of August, as long as they had a PS Plue account. But many are wondering, is this still the case?

Unfortunately, with the calendar change from August to September, Fall Guys is no longer available for free via a PlayStation Plus account. Like on Steam, the game is available for purchase for $19.99.

It should be noted that you will need to have a PlayStation Plus active subscription to play the game regardless, so if you did not download the game in August, you are stuck spending the extra money on the game.

There are no announced plans of the game going free to play again, regardless of it ever comes to other consoles or not.