Is Genshin Impact coming to PlayStation 5?

Next genration Genshin.

Genshin Impact

Image via miYoHo

If you are anything like us you have already sunk hundreds of hours into Genshin Impact leveling your character, trying to get the perfect builds, and exploring the game’s expansive world. For people playing on PlayStation 4, a hot topic is the upcoming PlayStation 5, and whether you will be able to play Genshin Impact on it.

The news here is good, as miYoHo recently confirmed that Genshin Impact would be available on PS5 through backward compatibility. Better yet, the game will benefit from improved graphical performance and loading times on Sony’s next-generation console. While it wasn’t explicitly covered in the press release, we assume that the game will be good to go on the new console on November 12.

We also don’t have any details at the moment about exactly what resolution and frame rate the game will run at on the PS5, but we expect miYoHo to make this information available before the new console launches. All you’ll need to do is download the game from the PSN and you will be good to go.

The game’s 1.1 update will also be arriving around the same time, on November 11, introducing new characters, quests, and systems for you to explore. The update will also introduce a portable waypoint that will allow you to set up your own teleporter, and a portable stove that means you will be able to cook up a meal no matter where you are. A treasure compass will lead you to valuable items, and there will also be oculus resonance stones introduced to help you track down important items in the game. So, there will be plenty to do when you make the switch to PS5.