Is Getting Diablo 4 On Steam Deck Worth It?

Diablo 4 is a great game for PC players, but should you download it to your Steam Deck and play it on your couch?

Diablo 4 is Blizzard’s notorious top-down dungeon looter, where you’ll be running through multiple dungeons with your powerful characters, cutting down demons to try and get the next best loot item. As this game is viewed from the top-down perspective, several series fans are curious if they can play Diablo 4 on Steam Deck.

Some players who are curious about this have heard that Blizzard’s launcher is on the Steam Deck, and although it’s not a Steam game, it is possible to get the game working on the handheld console. However, is it worth playing Diablo 4 on your Steam Deck? Here’s what we know about it.

Should You Get Diablo 4 On A Steam Deck?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

There have been several players who have reported that they’ve downloaded Diablo 4 on their Steam Deck and have been playing it. The game is a AAA game, which means it has a high demand for graphics, overall quality, and the performance might not be the best from the handheld device. However, the game can still run fine, but they have had to adjust the settings quite a bit.

One of the big things players reported that they had to do was adjust Diablo 4 graphics. The Steam Deck does not have the longest battery life, and to help preserve it, the graphics were turned down, and the FPS was locked to 40. This gave players a longer battery life, increasing the standard two-hour battery to nearly double, but a four-hour session of Diablo 4 might not satisfy everyone.

This is the type of game you sit down and play throughout the afternoon, cutting through demons and exploring dungeons for hours. For those who prefer playing Diablo 4 for extended periods, playing it on the Steam Deck might not be the best option. The short battery life and lower quality might not appear to everyone, but it’s an option for you if you prefer playing in small sessions on the couch in-between more extensive sessions at your computer.

Because the Steam Deck does connect to the standard launcher, everything does carry over from your Diablo 4 progress between your PC and the Steam Deck. This does make the prospect of switching over from a PC to the Steam Deck handheld version much more appealing, especially for anyone who wants a break from sitting in front of their desk.

Overall, we believe grabbing Diablo 4 for the Steam Deck can be worth it to some players, but not everyone. It’s not a good idea to exclusively purchase Diablo 4 for a Steam Deck because of the low battery life, but it’s a great way to play Diablo 4 in an alternative method for those who only have access to a decent computer for their desk.