The Gauntlet & Leaderboards Release Date & Time For Diablo 4

When can players run the Gauntlet and earn their way into the Hall of the Ancients? Here are the dates and times to get playing.


Image via Blizzard

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Season of the Construct is underway in Diablo 4, and players have begun to make their way through the new content and get to grips with its new seasonal mechanics and activities. Like with most seasons, some extra content makes its way into the game later down the line, and for this third season, it’s the long-awaited Gauntlet and Leaderboards.

Naturally, players will want to know when this new mode is going live, so we’ve put together this guide with all the details you need on the Gauntlet and Leaderboards release date.

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What Is the Release Date for the Gauntlet & Leaderboards?

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As of the time of writing, we don’t have a definitive release date for The Gauntlet and Leaderboards in Diablo 4 other than it will be sometime during the games currently running third season, Season of the Construct.

Initially, this new mode, which is aimed at providing a way for players to compete against one another for high scores and more rewards, was set to release on February 13, which Diablo’s general manager revealed during a recent Xbox podcast. However, Fergusson would later take to X and announce that the new mode would be delayed to give the team more time to “polish a few things” and stated they would share the new date and details soon.

While we don’t know the exact date, we know it will be before April 16, which is when Season of the Construct will end.

What is the Gauntlet?

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The Gauntlet is a new mode that will allow Diablo 4 players to show off their builds for a chance to earn additional rewards and compete against other players for bragging rights.

The mode will see a weekly fixed dungeon be available to players who have made it to World Tier 4, and with each week, players can tackle this dungeon alone or with friends to earn their place in the leaderboards. Depending on your score and rankings, there will be rewards you can earn, and those who manage to claw their way into the top tiers will have their name added to the Hall of the Ancients, a permanent reminder to you and other players of your accomplishment.

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This is designed to be an endgame activity when you reach level 100, but it is possible to try it beforehand as long as you are in World Tier 4.

Why Have the Gauntlet and Leaderboards Been Delayed?

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While no official reason was given other than to polish up the mode, it is likely, or at least assumed by fans, that its delay is connected to the recent reception of Season of the Construct. For many, the season has felt like a lackluster follow-up to the popular Season of Blood, with many unhappy with the seasonal mechanics like the Senechal Companion or the new activities that many have felt are useless or just not fun content to play through.

Since the season launch, there have been multiple patches to buff the companion and address some player feedback, but so far, it’s not been enough in the eyes of many to make this season feel worthwhile. It’s a case of wait-and-see, but hopefully, this delay could make for a better mode and possibly more tweaks and changes that make the season more exciting.