Is Ghost of Tsushima’s platinum trophy hard to obtain?

Even a samurai needs some bling.

With Sucker Punch’s¬†Ghost of Tsushima¬†gaining worldwide attention for its quality, the title’s trophies have also come to the forefront, and it certainly seems as if there is a laundry list of objectives to complete. For those seeking their last PlayStation 4 exclusive platinum trophy, you will be tasked with unlocking 51 others before that can be accomplished. Although it is a lofty number, we have broken down why it may not be a difficult journey to the prestigious platinum.

The biggest factor when considering if one will do everything a game asks of them is if it has a difficulty setting or if it amasses too much of their time. Although Ghost of Tsushima‘s trophy list is long, many outlets’ reviews have pinpointed the time to unlock all the trophies at about 50 hours, which isn’t wavering whatsoever. Also, the game includes a variety of difficulty settings, so you won’t have to be punished in the same fashion as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Ghost of Tsushima
via Sony

Starting with the story, it is an estimated 15 hours to complete and could possibly be done in a shorter time if playing on easy. During the plot, you’ll be exploring all three regions of Tsushima island, so you won’t go to locations that are unknown on the map, once you are ready to tackle side-quests and collectibles. And, yes, only one playthrough is required of you to complete every task.

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In count, there are 40 bronze, 9 silver, 2 gold trophies, aside from that shiny plat. 12 bronze trophies are story-based unlockables, as the rest deal with side-quest, collectibles, and character upgrades. A total of 61 “side-tales” will need to be completed, but for such a high number, you will be receiving primarily silvers and golds, along the way to this mighty feat. It should be noted that the collectibles are nothing daunting, as some trophies detail only gathering up a portion of a particular set of items in the game.

For those who have played Spider-Man or The Last of Us Part II, the expedition for Ghost of Tsushima‘s platinum trophy will be quite similar, in terms of its length and objectives. It is certainly something that can be completed in a week or so, and wildly enjoyable in the process.