Is Minecraft Legends Steam Deck Compatible

Can we slay piglins from the comfort of this handheld console?

Image by Mojang

You may know Minecraft is no stranger to collaborations and spin-offs, and Legends is no exception. With Mojang now under the mighty wing of Microsoft and teaming up with Blackbird Interactive, the trio has crafted a game that breaks away from the traditional Minecraft formula and dives into real-time strategy. As a result, Minecraft Legends promises to be accessible, immediate, simple, and, above all, fun. With its focus on online gameplay and the “log in and log out” experience, Legends is set to revolutionize Minecraft. But the question on everyone’s minds is, can you play it on the Steam Deck?

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Can you play Minecraft Legends on the Steam Deck?

Image by Mojang

The Steam Deck is not yet officially “verified” by Valve. Since the recommended specs for Minecraft Legends include an AMD iGPU, most players excepted the Deck’s APU to easily handle the game. Plus, the game is available on Steam, which further raised hopes about the game’s availability on the handheld console.

However, upon the game’s release, some players have reported that Minecraft Legends is incompatible with the Steam Deck. When players attempt to run the game, it just closes and sends the player back to the Steam page.

Perhaps this has something to do with the game’s development starting way before the Steam Deck was released. It’s likely that Mojang did not have the hand-held console in mind when developing Minecraft Legends.

What are the system requirements for Minecraft Legends?

If you want to rock the block with minimum specs, make sure you’ve got a 64-bit OS like Windows 10 or Windows 11, a Core i5 processor that’s at least 2.8GHz, 8 GB of RAM, and a DX12 GPU like NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 or AMD Radeon 285. 

The recommended specs include a Core i5 processor at 3.4GHz, NVIDIA GTX 1060 or AMD FX-4100 Graphics, and a broadband internet connection for smooth online gameplay. Don’t forget, Windows 10S is a no-go for this one.