Is MultiVersus down? How to check MultiVersus server status

How are the servers holding up?

Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

MultiVersus allows you to pit yourself against some of the most extraordinary Warner Brothers characters in a competitive 2D-fighting experience. You can choose to play as Shaggy, Batman, Tom and Jerry, and Arya, to name a few. This is an online game, and it’s essential to know if the servers are currently available so you can jump into the game. Here’s what you need to know if the MultiVersus servers are down and how to check the status.

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Where to find the MultiVersus server status

You will want to follow two Twitter pages: @Multiversus and @WBGamesSupport. Here, you can learn immediate details regarding any server issues MultiVersus may encounter. The WB Games Support page will likely be the first to post there’s a problem happening, and the team is actively working to fix whatever the cause, and it probably has something to do with server stress, especially those attempting to play it on the first day the beta comes out. Following the beta’s release, larger update days, new character releases, and gameplay reworks will likely be the big reasons the servers struggle to stay up.

The Multiversus twitter account will post any live updates when the servers will return, such as this one which occurred when the game was made available in open beta.

Beyond these two sources, there’s no reliable way to learn if the MultiVersus servers are having problems. We recommend restarting the MultiVersus application you are playing and trying to load it again. Should you continue to have issues logging into the game and accessing anything beyond the main menu, you might be better off taking a step away from the game and returning to it later.

You may want to reach out to the official MultiVersus support team for anyone experiencing additional problems on top of the MultiVersus servers. You can reach out to WB Games Customer Support or report a bug directly to the MultiVersus team.