Syncing Account State error in MultiVersus, explained

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Image via Warner Bros.

Players who want to try out the new crossover fighting game MultiVersus may face a Syncing Account State error. The error is widespread, with players all over across every platform facing the same issue. Is there anything you can do to fix the Syncing Account State error, or is the problem beyond your control?

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What is Syncing Account State error in MultiVersus?

Image via WB

You will face this error when you first try to open up the game. When you see the main menu and press start, there will be words on the bottom right screen that reads “Syncing Account State.” You will witness one of the characters do a small silly animation about the “Syncing Account State.” For example, you may see Superman doing some sit-ups. The account the game is trying to access is your WB Games Account, which you need to have to gain access to the early beta of the game.

When the game is working properly, it shouldn’t take your game long to access your account and start the game. However, players’ accounts are not syncing up, and the game won’t start. The issue most likely stems from the overwhelming amount of players trying to play the game at the same time, causing the servers to overload.

Is there any way to fix Syncing Account State error?

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is fully aware of the issue and is looking into it. If you encounter the Syncing Account error, try closing the game and opening it back up. If the error persists, try turning on or off the platform you’re trying to play on. If that doesn’t work, try unplugging and plugging back in your router and/or modem. That will restart your internet, which may fix the problem.

If none of that works, then your solution is to wait. Server issues and game crashes are common among big titles, especially during the first few days of launch. All you can do is wait for WB to fix the issue on their end, and keep track of the progress by following the official MultiVersus Twitter account.