Is Once Human Multiplayer? [Explained]

Once Human is a survival and crafting game set in a stunningly strange open world online, but some player’s aren’t sure if it’s multiplayer.

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Image via Starry Studio

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Once Human is an online survival game in a world that even developer Starry Studio truffles to describe as anything but strange. Players are pitted against all sorts of paranormal phenomena, but some fans aren’t sure if it’s multiplayer or not.

There are hundreds of MMO titles out there for players to immerse themselves in with other like-minded people. However, not everyone is looking for an MMO. Some players want a game with options, much like how players can choose to join a multiplayer game or go solo in LEGO Fortnite. While it’s not a game breaker, knowing is Once Human multiplayer or not will help potential fans work out whether they want to follow the game or leave it and focus on something else.

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Is Once Human Multiplayer or Not?

two players running in once human multiplayer
Image via Starry Studio

Yes, Once Human is a multiplayer game in every way players should expect. It always requires an online connection, and there will always be other players, friends, and foes lurking in the world unless someone sets up a private server.

While the Once Human is still in a closed beta form at the time of writing, it’s clear even now that this is an MMO or shared world shooter experience. The world shifts into paranormal events occasionally for all players, forcing them to engage with enemies regularly.

These paranormal events force players to build bases where they can shelter from enemies. However, no matter how many players are inside, those shelters will always become targets for those who want to skip the grind and grab loot from those who have earned it legitimately.

Is There PvP in Once Human?

two players running in once human multiplayer
Image via Starry Studio

Yes, not only is Once Human multiplayer but there is PvP combat in the game for those players who want to seek it. As shown in the closed beta trailer for the game, a group of players can hunt down and attack another group or individuals if they choose to.

However, from what we’ve seen in the community and from the developer, the world of Once Human is much more of a danger than that of other players. While it’s always going to be possible for others to jump out of nowhere and ambush a character, the world is far more likely to change and push paranormal enemies out, so everyone has to deal with them.

We also know for sure that, unlike in The Day Before, there won’t be extraction points where players must repeatedly visit where others can camp. Instead, players can craft their base and build up a stockpile of supplies that will make them deadlier than anyone who hasn’t put in the time to loot as many weapons and items as they have.