Is Palworld Coming To PS5? PlayStation Head Response Explained

Palworld’s popularity has PS5 gamers asking when and if the game will make its way to the PlayStation universe

‬Is Palworld on PS5

Image via Pocket Pair and Sony

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Since its release, Palworld has taken the gaming world by storm, with over 5 million copies sold and counting. The game’s massive popularity has PS5 gamers asking for Palworld to come to PlayStation, but will it?

Currently, Palworld is available on Steam and through Xbox GamePass in early access, which means PS5 players are feeling a bit of FOMO over the massively popular game. One X user looped in the Head of PlayStation Indies, Shuhei Yoshida, to see if he could help make Palworld on PS5 a reality.

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Is Palworld on PS5?

What consoles is Palworld on
Image via Pocket Pair

Currently, Palworld is not available on any PlayStation consoles. The game was released on January 19 on Steam and Xbox GamePass in early access, but no formal plans for porting the game to PS5 have been announced.

In the game’s FAQ on Steam, Pocket Pair’s current response to the question about Palworld plans for PS5 is, “We don’t have plans for this at the moment, but will consider it during development!” That said, a recent thread on X has fans speculating that a PS5 version of the game just might be in the works soon enough.

PlayStation Head of Independent Developer Initiative Response to Palworld on PS5

In response to a post about the game’s runaway success, the PS5 Head of Independent Developer Initiative responded with a simple “Congratulations!” Then, one gamer tagged Shuhei Yoshida in the thread again, asking if PlayStation could get to work on making a PS5 version of Palworld happen.

Yoshida’s response? Again, one word: Yes. (Note: We used Google Translate here since the original exchange is in Japanese). Yoshida also tagged another member of the PlayStation team, Jingwen (Gina) Zhu, whose bio states they work in Partner Development.

Obviously, one member of the PlayStation team hinting that they’re willing to work with game developer Pocket Pair on bringing Palworld to the PS5 isn’t exactly an official confirmation that it’s happening.

Given the game’s massive success, however, it stands to reason that PlayStation would want to get in on the action while the going is good if they can. Tagging in a member of the Partner Development team certainly suggests that they intend to reach out to Pocket Pair to at least discuss the possibility.

Responses to the post confirm that PS5 owners are interested in playing Palworld on their PlayStation consoles, with many responses asking for a PS5 version of the game. So, the interest and incentive for bringing the game to PS5 is certainly there, from fans and seemingly from PlayStation’s independent development wing as well.

For those of us who want to see the game on our PS5 consoles, let’s hope talks between the two companies go well and that we’ll have more news to report on the Palworld on PS5 front soon.