Is Rumbleverse down? How to check Rumbleverse server status

Get back in the game.

Image via Iron Galaxy

Rumbleverse is another challenger in the battle royale space, focusing on melee combat rather than who is the best shooter in the lobby. Brawling your way to the top is going to require your internet connection to be running steady, but sometimes connection issues are not caused on your end. Here is how you can check Rumbleverse’s servers and see if the game is down.

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How to know if Rumbleverse servers are down

If you are having problems connecting to Rumbleverse, we recommend first checking the Rumbleverse Support Twitter page to see if they have announced any maintenance or known issues with the game. This is the main location where they will put up any live service updates for the game.

If there is no announcement on their Twitter page, you will want to check the status pages for the platform you are playing on. Direct links to those pages are below:

For each of the above sites, you should be able to see if there are any general issues that the service is hitting, and if it is specific to just Rumbleverse, it will be stated there. These are official sources of information, so they are the best indicator of how things are running.

If none of the areas above have indicated any server issues and you still cannot connect to Rumbleverse, we recommend getting in contact with the Support team for Epic Games. Outside of that, our best recommendation is to reset your internet router, try connecting your system to your router directly with an ethernet cable, and reset your system. These issues can tend to be frustrating, but if it is the server that is having problems, there is nothing you can do but wait until it is fixed.