Is the Uncle Ben card in Marvel Snap real? Answered

With great power must come great hilarity.

Screenshot via Marvel Entertainment YouTube

Anyone familiar with Marvel comics will recognize a lot of the characters in Marvel Snap. The free-to-play mobile card game lets players build a team of popular characters from the Marvel universe, with several fun call-backs to the comic books for long-time fans. Shortly after the game’s launch, a card for Spiderman’s Uncle Ben began making the rounds for having a hilariously grim power, but is the Marvel Snap Uncle Ben card real? Here is what we know so far.

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The Marvel Snap Uncle Ben card explained

Image via UltimaShadowX on Twitter

Even those not familiar with Marvel comics know the story of Uncle Ben, whose death spurred Spiderman on to live a more selfless, heroic life. Considering his place in the history of one of Marvel’s most famous characters, it makes sense that Marvel Snap would want to include Uncle Ben in some way when the game launched. Shortly after the game’s launch, players on social media began sharing Uncle Ben’s card because of its shocking ability.

When Uncle Ben is removed from play, he summons Spiderman into the player’s hand. Players pointed out that this makes recreating Uncle Ben’s murder a viable strategic move, which is both grim and hilarious. The card spread like wildfire among social media users, but the lack of any footage of it on gameplay videos caused some to question if it was real.

The answer is that the Uncle Ben card shown above isn’t in Marvel Snap and it isn’t clear if it ever will be. So where did the card that has been shared come from? It appears that users have done some data-mining and found the card hidden in the game’s code. While this could be evidence that the card is intended to be added in a future patch, not every card designed and included in the source code will make it into the final roster.

This version of the Uncle Ben card in Marvel Snap may be a placeholder for a future card or the final text on it might be different when it is finally implemented. Equally, it could be the exact card we can expect to see in a future update, which would be hilarious. However, as of this writing, there is no Uncle Ben card in Marvel Snap.