Marvel Snap beginner’s guide – tips and tricks

Learn the in and outs and start harvesting cosmic cubes with these tips.

Screenshot via Marvel Entertainment YouTube

Marvel Snap is a fast-paced collectible card game that aims to buck trends in the genre by having both smaller decks and shorter matches, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t complex rules hidden in this deckbuilder. We’re here to help break down the best tips to get you started and help you unlock sweet rewards from all over the Marvel Multiverse.

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Claim your free credits every day

Credits are required to upgrade your cards. Every single day, you can claim 50 credits for free in the in-game store. You can use the store to buy larger stacks of credits but these are less cost-effective and should be saved for when you are about to max out a specific card.

Don’t overload on high-cost cards

There are a number of amazing five and six-cost cards that exist in Marvel Snap. Remember though, that the game only has six turns. This means that most of the time, unless a set of very specific things happens, you only get to play at most two five-cost cards and a single six-cost card. Having options isn’t a horrible idea, but be careful not to pick too many cards you can’t even play.

Keep locations open

In Marvel Snap you can only have a total of four cards at a location. It’s important not to fill them out too early. The last thing you want is to reach turn five or six and not be able to place a card at a location where you are behind. There are a few cards like Carnage that will destroy other cards at the location, or cards like Nightcrawler or Vision that can freely move around. It’s a good idea to keep some of these cards in mind and try not to fill locations until the end of the game.

Retreat from lost games

Once you have a few games under your belt and reach rank 10, you start getting into what Marvel Snap is really about: winning and losing cosmic cubes. Players can lose as few as two or as many as eight cosmic cubes a match, but if you retreat before the game is over, you lose only the current total. If someone uses the snap and you aren’t confident, just run.

Ties are decided by total power

Most games of Marvel Snap will end with one person taking two out of three locations, but sometimes a singular location will be tied and each player will control one other location. In these situations, the victor is the person who has the highest total power across all locations. A common daily objective is to win a game with 40 total power, so this is a good benchmark to look for when deck building.