Is there a multiplayer mode in Hogwarts Legacy?

Can I explore Hogwarts with my friends?

Is there a multiplayer mode in Hogwarts Legacy?

Image via Sony

Hogwarts Legacy, the long-rumored action-RPG set in the Harry Potter universe, has officially been revealed. The Portkey Games-developed title has been announced as a current and next-gen game, but it won’t arrive until 2021.

The game has only received a reveal trailer so far, so details on it are thin on the ground. However, since its unveiling Harry Potter and PlayStation fans have been searching for news on one particular aspect — multiplayer. Hogwarts Legacy seems like the perfect fit for MMO-style gameplay, or even a Games as a Service model. So, will it have a multiplayer mode for players to game alongside their friends?

At the time of writing, there has been no confirmation over a multiplayer aspect for Hogwarts Legacy. However, parts of the game’s reveal trailer hint at either local or online co-op functionality.

At the 1:01 mark on the video above, the teaser trailer’s narrator states that “Here, you will meet lifelong friends.” This could simply relate to NPCs that you might befriend in any possible single-player campaign, but it may also hint at a multiplayer mode that enables you to study magic with your mates before traversing Hogwarts Legacy’s world together.

Later on, the footage shows two students brewing potions together in the same cauldron before taking to the skies on the back of their griffons. Again, these could be part of cinematics for story-led, single-player missions, but they might also offer a glimpse into multiplayer aspects that you can take part in.

Finally, one last piece of footage, around the 2:02 mark, teases co-op combat. While the rest of the trailer shows a single wizard fighting alone, this brief part of the video shows two wizards encountering a dragon. It might just be an NPC that you have to help, or it could be a fellow player who is along for the ride.

Once we get more details about a multiplayer mode in Hogwarts Legacy, we will update this guide.