Is Tower of Fantasy down? How to check Tower of Fantasy’s server status

See if the game is having issues.

Image via Hotta Studios

If you’ve played any online game, especially an MMORPG, you’re bound to experience issues from time to time. Tower of Fantasy is no exception. So, it can get annoying when you want to log into the game only to be met with an error that says you can’t log in. After eliminating the possibility of the issue being on your end, the only conclusion can be that there’s something going on with the game. So, is there a way to check Tower of Fantasy’s server status?

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Where to check the server status for Tower of Fantasy

Thankfully, you won’t have to go far if you want to check the server status for Tower of Fantasy. All the information you’ll need will be in the game’s client. Under the News section, you will see important updates about the game. There, you should see any announcements for details on the servers or if the entire game will be going down for maintenance.

There are also three other ways to check for server status for Tower of Fantasy:

  • The first way would be to head over to the game’s official website and go to the News section.
  • A second way would be to check out the Tower of Fantasy official Twitter account.
  • The last option is to check out Tower of Fantasy’s official Discord server, which is an excellent place to go if you’re looking to make some friends who you can play the game with.

All three post about important information relating to the game, such as upcoming events and errors. So, you can expect to see server status information posted on all three outlets as well. Discord and Twitter will most likely be the fastest when it comes to figuring out if the game is experiencing issues since other players will post about it there.