Is Valorant coming to Xbox? Answered

Pump the brakes.

Image via Riot Games

Following the 2022 Xbox and Bethesda Game Showcase, many people were excited to see that multiple of Riot Games’ titles will be supported on Xbox’s Game Pass service. However, with essentially every Xbox game being playable on both console and PC, some thought that they can expect these games to be playable on your Xbox console. So, is Valorant coming to Xbox consoles?

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Can you play Valorant on Xbox?

Anyone who has been interested in the Valorant scene for a while and wants to play it on their Xbox Series X, we have bad news. There is no official word on Valorant ever coming to consoles, let alone Xbox. The announcement of the partnership with Riot Games is in support of the PC and mobile titles that they have. Since Valorant is a free-to-play title, you are gaining access to the unlockable characters in the game if you have a Game Pass for PC subscription.

Unfortunately, this means that the immediate future for Valorant on Xbox is still non-existent until otherwise stated. If you have a PC, though, this is an incredible deal. Instead of paying for every character, you get instant access to them for free with your Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Hopefully, this can mean there is potential for a console port of the game in the future, and the deal would carry over there, but until anything is officially stated, we doubt it will happen.