Kingdom Hearts 3 Damascus Locations – Where And How To Get The Damascus

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a game for nothing simple. It is not necessary to take into account only the already complicated RPG mechanics, but there are numerous objects to collect, sell and synthesize.

Damascus Location Guide

Already at the beginning of the game, we will be told that we will need something concrete called Damascus and that we will need a lot of it during the game.

Precisely for this reason, here is this Kingdom Hearts III guide that will allow you to find out how and where to find the Damascus and what it will serve you correctly.

What is Damascus?

Damascus is one of the rare materials that you’ll want to get your hands on in Kingdom Hearts 3. The problem is, unlike other materials like Fluorite, it’s pretty darn hard to come across. Damascus is useful for improving the Keyblade.

How And Where To Get Damascus in Kingdom Hearts 3?

The methods to find the Damascus is substantially the same as those to look for the Fluorite, only that the Damascus is even rarer.

How To Get Damascus Method #1 | Chests

Damascus location How to get it Kingdom Hearts 3

The first method is to look for the chests in the various worlds, but the Damascus is not present in all the worlds. It’s worth noting, though, that from our experience playing the game so far, we’ve only been able to find it appearing as of Corona. The likes of Olympus and Twilight Town didn’t have any of this material.

Sadly, tracking down these treasure chests in the different worlds can be a bit of an arduous process, especially with how well they’re hidden. However, we’ve found chests containing Damascus in the Corona, Monstropolis, Arendelle, San Fransokyo, and The Caribbean worlds.

How To Get Damascus Method #2 | Mining Asteroids

Damascus location How to get it Kingdom Hearts 3

A quick and easy way to get Damascus in Kingdom Hearts 3, however, is to head to the Misty Stream in your Gummi Ship.

By heading here, you’ll be able to find a Treasure Sphere that contains three Damascus. Further, by shooting the rock clusters around this area, you’ll sometimes find that they drop some Damascus for you to grab.

By regularly landing on a planet, and then returning to the Misty Stream, you can farm Damascus easily in Kingdom Hearts 3.

How To Get Damascus Method #3 | Buy From The Shop

Damascus location How to get it Kingdom Hearts 3

After completing the first worlds, you will have the option to unlock the Damascus purchase option from the store. The shop is present in the Moogle points disseminated in all the worlds though that option won’t become available until after they’ve completed the Frozen level Arendelle.

These are the only ways to recover the all-important Damascus. Good research!