How To Unlock The Starlight Keyblade In Kingdom Hearts III

There are many Keyblades types in the Kingdom Hearts world that you can unlock in various ways: some of them are very secret and incredibly powerful, others are only beautiful.

Kingdom Hearts III gives you a new bunch of Keyblades, and among them, there is the Starlight Keyblade. It is a unique weapon because of its unlocking way.

To get the Starlight Keyblade, you need to do a few steps, and you need to use another Kingdom Hearts game, Union Cross. Yes, Union Cross is the mobile’s chapter of the game, you know, it’s Nomura.

Kingdom Hearts III: How to unlock Starlight Keyblade‚Äč

How To Unlock The Starlight Keyblade

If you have already played to Union Cross, you should know the Starlight Keyblade because it is the primary weapon in the game.

It appears like the standard version of Keyblade but with different coloration. In Union Cross, this Keyblade can be upgraded a few times with different materials to become more powerful, but you can’t bring them in Kingdom Hearts III.

How To Get The Starlight Keyblade

You need to start Unicon Cross (it’s free, don’t worry) and go to extras section: from here you can select the Classic Kingdom, the place where you can find about five minigames.

To unlock the Starlight Keyblade, you need to complete all of them. There is a “little” restriction about it: you need to beat the high score.

Once you’ve beaten all minigames on Classic Kingdoms, you need to navigate to the extras menu and select Limited Offers. Now you can “activate” your Starlight Keyblade and bring it in Kingdom Hearts III. Are you ready for January 29?