Lantern of the Wayfarer – Genshin Impact

Fragile goods.

In the Lantern of the Wayfarer Lantern Rite Tale, players will need to escort a transport balloon along a dangerous path. Begin the mission in the Lantern Rite Tale menu, then speak with Huangshan at the Wangshu in.

Agree to help her and then make your way to the waypoint to the west of Mt. Tianheng. Speak with Huangshan again, then start escorting the balloon.

The first obstacle is a wall set up by some Treasure Hoarders. They plan to ambush the balloon from behind while you deal with it, so running ahead and breaking down the wall first means that they can never catch the balloon, and you won’t even need to fight them.

Shortly after that you will come to a column of wind that will lift the balloon into the air. Use your glider to ride up the wind column and take out the Hilichurls and Samachurl on the large rock to the right. This removes the wind column and the balloon will start moving again.

The third and final obstacles are some Hilichurl barricades, and lots of enemies. You can make most of them attack you so that they leave the balloon alone. There is a large enemy with a shield, but a Claymore will make quick work of him, if you have a good Claymore character.

When they are all dead, escort the balloon to Francis, then go and speak with Huangshan once more to get your reward. Upon completion of the quest, you will receive 30 Primogems, 20000 Mora, and 100 Festive Fever.