Last Fortress: Underground Codes (October 2023)

Codes to help you beat back zombies.

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Last updated: October 31, 2023

Added a new code!

The zombies have taken over the world, and there’s little keeping the living ones from joining their ranks. Except for intricate underground strongholds, where they have to live, farm, research, and ultimately fight back against both the living and the dead. This is the world of Last Fortress: Underground, a mobile strategy game with gacha elements in which you can build up your stronghold, heroes, and troops, then send them out to explore the world, fight other players, and more.

In Last Fortress: Underground, you can redeem codes to earn various rewards, such as resources, boosts, and other goodies. These codes can help you get a head start if you’re just starting or help you get over a hurdle if you’re already playing the game.

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All Last Fortress: Underground codes list

Last Fortress: Underground codes (Working)

  • GHOSTCOM — Reward: Military Supplies (New)
  • 10CTOBER — Rewards: Military Supplies (New)
  • LFZOMBIE — Rewards: Military Supplies
  • DESKPICS — Rewards: Military Supplies
  • AUTUMNBO — Rewards: Military Supplies
  • WHOLLWIN — Rewards: Military Supplies
  • APCNEWON — Rewards: Military Supplies
  • ANUREMIO — Rewards: Military Supplies
  • LFFB250K — Rewards: Military Supplies
  • LFUCOLAB — Reward: Military Supplies
  • LFDEV777 — Reward: Military Supplies
  • OGVWEBAP — Reward: Military Supplies

Last Fortress: Underground codes (Expired)

  • JWEOVEWF — Reward: Military Supplies
  • AFSLERGP — Reward: Military Supplies
  • 6LY7ZRBV — Reward: Military Supplies
  • LFU23HIH — Reward: Military Supplies
  • LFU1YEAR — Reward: Military Supplies
  • ANNIV1LF — Reward: Military Supplies
  • MDHFUTD8 — Reward: Military Supplies
  • FB20WLFU — Reward: Military Supplies
  • MSHDLKDP — Reward: Military Supplies
  • so6tg3cs — Reward: Military Supply
  • 2023gift — Reward: free rewards
  • bunker82 — Reward: free rewards.

How to redeem codes in Last Fortress: Underground

Screenshot by Gamepur

Follow the instructions below to redeem codes in Last Fortress: Underground.

  1. Open Last Fortress: Underground on your device.
  2. Press your Avatar icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Press the Settings icon, then press the Military Supplies icon.
  4. Copy and paste or enter the working code into the text box.
  5. Press the Exchange button to redeem your free code and get the reward.

How to get more Last Fortress: Underground codes

We keep this guide updated with all the latest codes, so bookmark this page and keep coming back. You can also follow the game’s Facebook page and Discord server for any announcements on new codes from the development team.

Why are Last Fortress: Underground codes not working?

There’s a possibility that some codes you entered might not work due to several reasons. Check that you’ve entered the code exactly as it was listed — no extra characters or spaces, and that all caps match the code. To avoid typos, you can just copy and paste the code from the above list. Also, codes are usually available for one use only, so you won’t be able to redeem extra rewards multiple times. Lastly, some codes may have expired and have been added to the list of expired codes.

What is Last Fortress: Underground?

Last Fortress: Underground is a mobile strategy game with gacha elements. You build an underground fortress to take care of your colony of survivors while recruiting heroes that perform various duties for the group. You can collect resources, explore the map, and fight zombies and other players in multiple activities.