How to unlock a free Jayce skin and Arcane Capsule in League of Legends

Skins, skins, and more skins.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends is holding a new event in celebration of its new Netflix show, Arcane. With this new event are tons of new rewards that are ready for the taking. This week, League of Legends is handing out a free Jayce skin, available to all players. The unlock requirement is not even challenging.

Additionally, the game is giving away three free skins if you complete a mini point-and-click adventure found on RiotXArcane website. Finish both missions, and you’ll be swimming in free skins in no time. 

To win the Jayce skin, you simply need to win one game. If you can’t win in time, you can alternatively play three games instead. The Jayce skin you’ll receive is an Arcane Jayce skin based on his appearance in the show.

After visiting the link above, you can participate in the Progress Days event and win some more free skins, including loot for other games.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After loading into the minigame, look at the top right to view the missions you need. Interactable options have a clickable diamond next to them.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here is the order of actions you can take to complete the mini-game:

  • Click Heimerdinger to talk to him
  • Head to the World Map on the top left and go to the Summoner’s Park
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Scroll to the right and talk to Jhin
  • Scroll to the left and talk to Sett
  • Scroll to the left and talk to the Shopkeeper
  • Return to Gwen
  • Scroll back to Sett and collect the compendium
  • Return to the Shopkeeper, then return to Sett
  • Go back to the Shopkeeper once more and deliver a wand to Jhin
  • Talk to the Shopkeeper one more time

You’ll unlock an Arcane Capsule, which contains three random skin shards!