Learn How to Read in Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Let’s face it, Henry, the protagonist in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is just a poor blacksmith’s son whose life has taken a turn for the adventurous. So we can’t blame him for not being the most polite, socially adept, or educated fellow. However, the various soft skills, such as charisma and appearance, do matter greatly in how Henry can interact with people in the world. Teaching Henry how to read is a vital part of the game, so much so, that there is a reading skill. But how to get started? Hopefully, you can read and will continue on to find out.

Mightier than the Sword

Learn How to Read in Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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The Mightier than the Sword side quest is what will lead Henry on a path to education. You pick up this quest from the Bailiff in Rattay, a large town you reach as part of the story a few hours in. He’s usually located at the Rathaus, the large building between the armorer and the apothecary. If you speak to him about learning how to read, he’ll point you in the direction of the Scribe in Uzhitz. You don’t have to embark on this quest immediately, but it’s recommended that you don’t leave it for too long, as being able to read will come in handy fairly soon.

Once you’ve made it to Uzhitz, find the Scribe near the entrance of town by the fast travel marker. He will be shown on the map as well. Talk to him about learning to read and he’ll ask you to pay 50 Groschen, a small expense considering the valuable skills he’ll teach you.

You will then be asked to prove your knowledge by reading two books. You’ll see that the letters are fairly jumbled but you should be able to make out the gist of the first story. It’s a classic tale about greed, so the correct answer is the one with “greed” in it. The second book is a jumbled mess of Latin, but don’t worry, you needn’t be an expert. Only one of the three answers contains all Latin words, so that is the correct one.

We’ve included the correct choices in screenshots for you below.

Learn How to Read in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Learn How to Read in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Here is a recap of the steps required to learn how to read:

  • Talk to the Bailiff in Rattay
  • Travel to Uzhitz
  • Talk to the Scribe about learning to read
  • Pay 50 Groschen
  • Complete the tasks by answering what’s in the two books correctly

That’s all there is to learning how to read in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. For more help, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.