Let’s School – How to Increase Student & Staff Satisfaction

This guide helps you understand Let’s School’s Satisfaction System and How to Improve School Satisfaction in the game.

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Though it’s hard to make everyone in Let’s School happy, striving to keep them Satisfied is a good idea. This management game has a Satisfaction system that keeps school headmasters on their toes, constantly looking for ways to improve the School’s quality of life. Still, when things go downhill, they spiral out of control quickly. It’s not hard to get overwhelmed by staff complaints, student requests, and all these negative alerts that keep popping up all over the screen.

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How the Satisfaction System Works in Let’s School

Screenshot by Gamepur

Let’s School’s Satisfaction system reflects how happy the Staff and Students feel with the School. 

The Satisfaction Meter on the screen’s bottom left corner measures the Staff and Students’ satisfaction with the School. The meter ranges from Very Low on red to Very High on light blue. 

Players can access the Satisfaction List by clicking on this red-to-light-blue meter, which details how Students and Staff members feel separately. Green items contribute positively to the meter, while red items contribute negatively.

In Let’s School, Student, and Staff Satisfaction is measured through the school facilities’ quality and overall stress management

  • If a classroom doesn’t have the necessary equipment, like a Lunch Box Holder, this will add a negative item to the Students’ Satisfaction List.
  • If a Staff Member is under a lot of stress because of ineffective management, this will add a negative item to the Staff Satisfaction List.

Tips to Raise the Satisfaction Meter in Let’s School

Ideally, Staff and Students should be as satisfied as possible with the school campus and management to prevent issues like resignations, dropouts, and riots

To increase satisfaction levels, follow these tips:

Take care of every negative Satisfaction List item. Every school demand should be supplied and stressed Staff members should be alleviated. This will at least boost the School to Medium Satisfaction. 
Raise every Facility Score in the School. To inspect and raise the Facility Score, click on a facility to open its details window on the right and select the third tab with the brown storage option. This tab shows all Environment details, allowing for Spacing, Aesthetics, and Furniture maximization.
Getting High Grades after a weekly exam also add positive Satisfaction list items, so make sure as many Students pass their exams as possible.
Having positive relationship with peers adds positive Satisfaction List items. When possible, build a relationship-fostering facility.