Let’s School Research: All Researchable Reforms, Facilities, and Courses

This guide covers all researchable furniture, facilities and courses in Let’s School.

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Did all Let’s School have to offer just a couple of limited facilities and introductory courses? Think again. Through research, many new flashy facilities and advanced courses can be unlocked. Unlike other management games that consume resources to do Research, Let’s School has an in-game facility called Research Room that will put Staff to work on researching new courses and facilities for the School. Still, if this resource team is not managed correctly, research times can become too long, halting game progress altogether.

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Let’s School: Research Room and Research Proficiency

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Early in Let’s School, players can build the Research Room facility. After equipping this room with research desks and a door (I can’t tell how many doorless rooms I’ve created), assign a team of teachers and give them a topic to Research.

Every Research Room will have a Manager in charge, who must have high Management Proficiency stats to prevent the team from getting stressed out. One more researcher can be added to the team for every research desk. Make sure to keep the teachers with the highest Research Proficiency Stats to assemble this team.

How to Unlock More Facilities and Courses in Let’s School

Continuous Research is necessary to progress in Let’s School. For example, after the first two weeks, students will graduate from Grade 2 to Grade 3. They’ll need to start taking new intermediate courses, requiring teachers to get course training.

The only way to unlock more facilities and courses is through Research. More items will become available in the research tree after completing each School Reform. For example, players can build the Staff Training Room and learn intermediate-level courses by completing School Reform I.

How to Increase Research Speed in Let’s School

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The playground, which is likely one of the first facilities you’ll unlock, can be researched in less than a day. But as you progress through the game, you’ll notice that investigating the simplest courses can take days or weeks.

Maximize the team’s Research Proficiency to increase research speed in Let’s School. It’s not about placing a few Research Desks and hoping for the best — though having as many desks as possible also helps. The teachers sitting at those desks should have a high Research Proficiency and be led by a manager with high Managing Proficiency to avoid department stress.

A good way to raise a teacher’s proficiency stats is through training, but hiring them with inherent high stats is the best option.

Let’s School – All Researchable Items in Let’s School’s Research Tree

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Starter Research Upgrades

Lifestyle Education Management 
Food Tent: a facility to seal meals at Schools Junior Humanities Courses 
– Literature Fundamentals 
– Writing Basics  
– Reading Basics  
Headmaster’s Office: improves management and school focus
Playground: a facility to provide entertainment for everyone Junior Science Courses 
– Algebra Courses 
– Mathematics Application Courses 
– Geometry Courses 
Campus Security: adds a security facility
 Junior Art Courses 
– Music Appreciation 
– Oil Painting Appreciation 
– Doodling 
 Junior Sports Courses 
– Health and Fitness  
– Warm-Ups  
– Indoor Calisthenics 

School Reform I Research Upgrades

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Lifestyle Education Management 
School Store: sell snacks, supplies, and stores in SchoolIntermediate Humanities Course
– ESL Fundamentals
– ESL Writing
– ESL Applications
Staff Training: trains more than one Staff at once
Temperature and Lights: unlocks amenities to adjust temperature and lightingIntermediate Science

– Cellular Biology
– Genetics
– Ecology 
Bicycle Shed: parks bikes
 Hygiene Cleaning: increases cleaning area and efficiencyIntermediate Art Course
– Intermediate Arts Fundamentals
– Intermediate Artistic Expression
– Intermediate Art Appreciation
Advanced Research: increases research room star level
 Infirmary: treats illnesses and injuriesIntermediate Sports Course
– Basic Stamina Training
– Basic Guard Training
– Basic Dexterity Training
Superior Teaching: increases classroom star level
Improve relationships: increases students’ relationshipsEmergency drills: provides emergency drill amenities

School Reform II Upgrades

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Lifestyle Education Management 
Food Upgrade: adds menu optionsAdvanced Humanities Course
– Ancient History
– World History
– Modern History
Corporate Culture: unlocks better management with perks and contracts

New Stock: unlocks drink vending machineAdvanced Science Course
– Mechanics
– Thermodynamics
– Electromagnets
Car Parking Lot: adds a parking lot
Comfortable Lifestyle: enhances temperature and lightning amenitiesIntermediate Art Course
– Advanced Arts Fundamentals
– Advanced Artistic Expression
– Advanced Art Appreciation
Advanced Teaching: increases classroom star level
Educational Entertainment: unlocks educational furnitureIntermediate Sports Course
– Advanced Stamina Training
– Advanced Guard Training
– Advanced Dexterity Training
Assembly Hall: increases the number of speech topics
Student Guidance Office: helps students with their mental health

School Reform III Upgrades

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Lifestyle Education Management 
Desert Shop: sells sweetsHumanities Expansion Course
– Social Studies
– Politics and Law
– Economics
Corporate Culture: unlocks better management with perks and contracts

Campus Supermarket: buy anything and everythingScience Expansion Course
– Inorganic Chemistry
– Organic Chemistry
– Chemical Analysis
Car Parking Lot: adds a parking lot
Smart Lifestyle: adds high-tech amenitiesArt Expansion Course
– Expert Arts Fundamentals
– Expert Artistic Expression
– Expert Art Appreciation
Advanced Teaching: increases classroom star level
Campus Arcade: play games at school, legallySports Expansion Course
– Expert Stamina Training
– Expert Guard Training
– Expert Dexterity Training
Assembly Hall: increases the number of speech topics
Hygiene Mandate: automatically cleans everything
Accessible Campus: includes accessibility features
Live in Harmony: improves friendships