Let’s School Map Guide: How to Dispatch Classes and Unlock New Communities

This guide explains Let’s School Map and Dispatch mechanics to unlock new stores, communtiies and rival schools.

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Let’s School understands that the most fun part of the school year was going on class field trips. That’s why it’s included a fun map exploration and dispatch feature that blends the roleplaying mechanics of D&D and the conquest features of Civilization — all in a cute little field trip.

Still, it’s hard to make room for field trips when all the staff are stressed out, and students won’t stop complaining. That’s why this guide explains the Map and Dispatch mechanics in detail.

Let’s School: Map and Dispatch Overview

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In Let’s School, classes can be dispatched on field trips to explore nearby areas. Clicking on the map icon on the screen’s bottom left corner opens the Map and Dispatch window. The player’s School sits at the map’s westernmost region, and all that lies to the east is uncharted territory. 

Scout new areas in the map to reveal stores, communities, and rival schools. This discovery allows for more items available for purchase, potential student admissions, and interactions with other school headmasters.

How to Dispatch Classes to Scout Areas Nearby in Let’s School

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Click on each unexplored area to open the dispatch window, select a class to lead the field trip, and confirm. Each field trip will take some time, determined by the distance. 

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Every now and then, the field trip will be interrupted by a D&D-like random event. A lady crossing the street will ask for help, or a cute stray cat will meow for attention, asking players to decide how the teacher should react to this event. 

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If the choice leads to a positive outcome, the class gets a motivation boost. At the end of the field trip, motivation helps get better dispatch results. To make the best possible choice, look at the success rate of each choice, and send only the most capable teachers on field trips.

Keep in mind that not all areas are available for scouting in the early game. By researching School Reforms, two more areas to dispatch classes can be unlocked.