Ley Line Overflow Event Guide – Genshin Impact

Make the most of it.

Genshin Impact

The Ley Line Overflow event is live in Genshin Impact, bringing more rewards to the Ley Lines and helping to improve the Original Resin economy for a few days.

If you have been steering clear of Ley Lines, then now is the time to farm them for a while each day to take advantage of those improved rewards.


The event will run from February 26 to March 5.


Any player can partake in the event, as long as they have access to Ley Lines.

Event Details

Over the course of the event, Ley Lines will drop double rewards when successfully completed. Players will still need 20 Original Resin to collect the rewards, but will receive twice as much materials or Mora as they normally would.

You can only get this improved rewards rate with the first three Ley Lines you farm each day.

How Ley Lines Work

Ley Line Outcrops are farmable challenges in Genshin Impact that can net you some nice rewards. They will spawn a few waves of monsters, set by the World Level you are playing in. You need to kill all the monsters and will then be able to open the Ley Line Blossoms that spawn afterward.

You will need 20 Original Resin to do so. This will get you some Adventure XP, character materials, or Mora, depending on the type of Blossom you open.

  • Ley Line Blossom of Wealth – Mora
  • Ley Line Blossom of Revelation – character XP materials

You will get access to the Blossom of Revelation at Adventure Rank 3, while the Blossom of Wealth will unlock at Adventure Rank 12. After you defeat all the monsters at the Outcrop, the Blossom will appear and you can interact with it to spend the Resin and get your rewards.

Each region will always have on Ley Line Outcrop of each type available, and when you finish it, a new one will spawn somewhere. They are very easy to find through the Adventurer’s Handbook. If you open it, then scroll to the Bosses tab, you will be able to track them from there by clicking on them.