Lies of P: How to Defeat the Parade Master – Best Build & Strategy

The Parade Master is Pinocchio’s first true test in Lies of P. Best stick with our guide if you don’t want to be another Festival victim.


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Lies of P invites players into the land of Krat to take on hordes of terrifying puppets, and the Parade Master is the first in a long line of boss monsters meant to tear Pinocchio to shreds. Those who heed the mysterious call to action that wakes P from his slumber must tackle this nightmare creature to reach Hotel Krat.

If you’ve given it your best shot but still can’t figure out how to bring this parade to its grand finale, then here is the best build and strategy to slay the beast, claim his precious Ergo, and find the owner of the disembodied voice that put you on this path in the first place.

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Where to find the Parade Master

The Parade Master, Lies of P's first boss, is a monstrous mustachioed puppet with a murderous rage.
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The Parade Master is pretty hard to miss. He’s the final roadblock between P and Hotel Krat, and you can find the gate to his arena just beyond Ceresani Lane’s Stargazer. This is also where you’ll find your first Wandering Merchant. Grab three Throwing Cells from him while you’re here, it’ll make life much easier for you during the fight.

All you have to do to reach the Parade Master from here is walk up to the closed gate and enter through it. The oversized maniac will be waiting for you on the other side, eagerly awaiting his chance to squish you like a pancake using his club or belly. Thankfully, our guide will make it much easier to stay alive and save you tons of time from repeating our silly mistakes.

Best Build to Defeat The Parade Master

Pinocchio needs a serious stat boost before tackling the Parade Master boss fight.
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Lies of P takes heavy inspiration from Bloodborne, and just like in that game, staying light on your feet is the name of the game. We took the dexterous Technique-based build, Path of the Bastard, as it gives the necessary stamina to flash in and out of danger. This works particularly well against the Parade Master, as many of his attacks are useless if you stay out of range.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to charge headfirst into the fight at the very first opportunity. However, in true Bloodborne-style fashion, that’s a terrible idea. Instead, farm the various enemies around Krat until you earn about 5000 or so Ergo. Investing in damage and a little extra health pays dividends here, as the fight has multiple phases, and preserving your resources until he changes his style is incredibly important.

Don’t forget to cash in your Ergo Fragments, either. They’re a hassle-free way to level up or pick up those Throwing Cells (which don’t reset on death, so buying them can tap out your pockets if you’re not careful.)

Lies of P: Tips for Fighting The Parade Master

The Parade Master is ready to cleave Pinocchio to pieces.
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The Parade Master is as scary as he looks, but he lacks a lot of brainpower. If you stay on the outer edges of his reach, there’s not much he can do to hit you in the first phase. His attacks, other than the double-armed swipe, all have a slow reset. Jump in and get a few hits off, then quickly back out to the max range and watch him fumble around trying to hit you. 

That belly flop move is a perfect time to sneak in free damage, as he takes a while to recover. Your fight shouldn’t be scary until he breaks out a new weapon and later reveals his fiery side.

His attacks suddenly hit harder and faster in these two phases, so getting caught out means near-certain doom. That’s why we’re not going to let him. Instead of playing how you did in the first phase, aim to create even more distance. Start chucking those Throwing Cells as soon as you’re in safe territory, as landing all three of them will inflict 1300+ Damage, nearly erasing the back half of his health bar.

The Parade Master's corpse is even scary in Lies of P.
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You’ll still need to land a hit or two to finish him off, but that’s all it takes to get him into death range. If you’re nervous about going in, remember that blocking is incredibly useful, and you’ll likely heal off most of the damage he can inflict on you while you secure the killing blow.

All that’s left to do is take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back, and move forward to Hotel Krat and solve the game’s first mystery. Pay attention to the credit sequence that rolls soon after, as it’ll clue you in on the origins of these murderous puppets and help you understand P’s place in this world.