Life Is Strange 2 Episode 1 Walkthrough | Roads

In Part 1: Sean and Daniel went through a tragic incident. Before getting caught by the police Sean took Daniel and escaped the scene. Part II begins right after the incident both brothers are not heading towards an unknown destination. They both will reach the park where they will camp for the today. There are no major choices in this part.

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 1 Walkthrough

Part 2 Walkthrough

You will have to follow the white marker on the trees to locate a safe place to set up a camp and then spend the night.

Camping Site

Sean was able to convince Daniel to keep moving ahead. Both brothers came across a sign of Trout Sprint Trail. Follow Daniel and you will came across a car. After Daniel ask to get the chocolate, you will have to two choices Let’s Take This One & I Promise. If you pick the first one Sean will try to take the chocolate while if you go with the second both boys will move on.

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 1 Walkthrough

Continue walking and check sign on your right, it’s a map. There are two more posters on the left. Walk towards the tree with a white Trail Blaze mark on it. Go right and on the left there is a restroom. There is one choice, pick anything and then follow the path into the forest. Daniel will ask a question for which you get two choices Aren’t You Mr. Minecraft and It’s Like Lord Of The Rings. Just pick anything and keep moving till you see the second mark on a tree. Ahead there will be a direction sign which has two arrows first is Trout Spring Trial and second Picnic Area.

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 1 Walkthrough

Take the right path towards Trout Sprint Trail. Just a little ahead you will find another mark on the tree. Keep moving towards you right to see another white mark on the tree. Next you will see a Racoon. Follow Daniel, and you will reach a place with fallen tree. You cannot go further, turn around and keep following Daniel. Jump over the tree and help Sean to cross it. Then go all the way down and on your left on the top of tree you will find a nest. Jump down and help Daniel, follow him. Daniel will lead you to a cave.

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 1 Walkthrough

From the two choices Shit To Make A Fire & You Protect The Base, pick the second one to continue playing. You will need gather three wooden logs to burn fire, it is located on the a bit ahead on the left side. Carry the log and for the second one look on the right, near the fallen tree trunk. The last one is near the river. Refer the above image for locations. Return to the camp area and interact to keep the logs down. Next help Daniel to move the branch. Return to the bonfire and after a while there will be two choices – I’M Coming and Let’s Go Eat. For bonding pick the first choice where Daniel and Sean will share some family time. If you pick the second one you have to follow Daniel towards the river.

Next, you will have to teach Daniel stone skipping. You can choose to continue teaching him or leave it. After this event once again follow Daniel who will be playing with a thin branch. You can choose to Play Ally or Play Opponent. Daniel will stand near a spider web there are two choices here Explain or Scare. Just pick anything to continue. Once you are done with these games return to the camp and burn fire.

It’s nighttime, after talking about food press Check On Daniel to continue the conversation. There will be three choices, Nothing Happen, It’s Not Your Fault and We Got In A Fight. Pick anything and look around Daniel will show the moon. He will ask a question about werewolves. Look on the mobile phone and after a while, Daniel will ask to play a game on it. Look on things around you like the Beer, Light, Backpack and wallet and then look towards Daniel. Select Get Some Sleep to continue the game.

Both the brothers will go to sleep and after a short while Daniel will wake up after getting a nightmare. Sean will convince him that everything is ok and they will return to sleep. Part 2 of Life Is Strange 2 ends here, you can read our walkthrough on the third party by clicking on this link – Life Is Strange 2 Part 3 walkthrough.