Lingering Malady Quest guide – Genshin Impact – poster and billboard locations

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Genshin Impact

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The Lingering Malady quest will become available in Genshin Impact at Adventure Rank 30. For this quest you will need to track down four different items in Mondstadt. if you speak with Aramis, one of the Knights of Favonius, he will ask you to help him track down four posters and billboards that have been blown around by a recent storm.

It’s not exactly the most involved quest, but there is quite a bit of searching to be done as each item has a very large search area. To save you a lot of time, you can find all the locations marked on the map below.

All of these items are found up high, either on the roof of buildings or up on the city walls. Use the teleporter in the bell tower as a start point, as it is much quicker to just glide down to the roofs that it is to climb up to them, especially as some of them have very awkward overhangs.

You can find the posters in the following locations:

  • On the northern wall of the town
  • On a roof near the Adventurers Guild
  • On the roof near the bar
  • On a roof near the blacksmith

Grab them all and then head back to Aramis to finish up the quest. A little tip for this is to keep an eye open for chests and bird eggs when you are exploring the roof of the buildings. There are lot of hidden chests in Mondstadt, and bird nests are plentiful, yielding lots of eggs which can be hard to find.