List of Train Brake Codes for Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

Stop the train before it crashes.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Train Brake Codes in Resident Evil Zero’s HD Remaster are essential to learning when you reach the start of the game. You’ll need them to stop the train from moving as Rebecca and Billy make their way through the zombie-ridden locomotion. This guide will cover the codes you can use for the train’s brakes in Resident Evil Zero.

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All Train Brake Codes in Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

There are only a handful of codes you can use at this point to progress through the campaign. These codes are not ones you can find lying around. Instead, the number shown on the brake consoles are generated from a small pool of answers, and the code you need to input will vary based on the one you receive. For example, there will be a code for the back train brake and one for the front train brake.

The trick to inputting the correct code is to input 10 numbers to equal the number displayed on the right. There will be a different code depending on whether you’re inputting it from the back brake or the front one. You will need to select to leave Rebecca or Billy in the driver’s area. We recommend taking the character with the most ammunition to the back of the train.

These are all the codes for the back and front brakes. You will need to input all of the numbers in the order we’ve written them out for them to reach the total.

  • 36 – 3333333339
  • 42 – 4444444446
  • 53 – 5555555558
  • 67 – 7777777774
  • 81 – 8888888889

After these codes have been placed into the brakes, the train will slow down and stop. You will be working towards the next section of Resident Evil 0, and you’ll now be advancing to the Training Facility.