Listen to and solve the troubles of the citizenry – Genshin Impact Ode to Flower and Cloud

Time to help out.

Image via miHoYo

The Windblume Festival has arrived in Genshin Impact, and during the Ode to Flower and Cloud quest players will need to listen to and solve the troubles of the citizenry. They will have some help from Venti with this, as the Tone Deaf Bard is back for some more adventures.

The quest opens with quite a bit of running around Mondstadt as you learn about Windblume and what it means to people. You will then meet Venti at the Mondstadt Plaza, near the church. After speaking with him, he will ask you for help with the nearby people who are looking for advice.

Venti will give you some tips from nearby, placing his hands on his hips if he thinks you should give the citizen a positive response. He will cross his arms if he thinks people should not go ahead with their plan, and he will.

Marvin wants to know if he should speak with the father of the woman he has a crush on. Albert talks about the Barbara Fan Club and wants to make a massive flower statue of Barbara. Ellin wants to give some flowers to Jean of the Knights of Fanvonius but doesn’t want to make Jean feel indebted to her.

  • Ellin – I disagree, you should definitely sign your name.
  • Albert – Are you serious? You need to put a stop to all this immediately!
  • Marvin – I think you should tell him. Be brave and seize the opportunity.

You will get 60 Primogems, 30,000 Mora, and 3 Hero’s Wit for completing this quest.