Lords of the Fallen Soft Caps Explained: All Character Soft Caps

Lords of the Fallen players will need to understand Soft Caps when building out their characters, and we have all the details here.

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Soft caps in Lords of the Fallen are a means to reduce the overall character attribute power once a threshold is achieved. As you level up a particular stat, it approaches the soft cap point, after which you do not get the benefits you used to do beyond that level.

In Lords of the Fallen, soft caps are where leveling a particular character stat gives diminishing returns. You can always level up a certain stat to level 99, but the effort and grind will not be rewarded after you cross a set point. That is why players new to this genre will benefit from learning about soft caps and how they work in the game.

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How Soft Cap Mechanic Work in Lords of the Fallen

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The Soft cap mechanic in Lords of the Fallen is designed to restrict players from getting stat gains per level up. This is tied to your weapon or spell and the associated stat you level up with. For example, leveling up the Strength stat will be beneficial if you have a Strength weapon instead of Radiance or Inferno. You will get zero benefit in terms of attack power, and soft cap mechanics will also not apply here.

Therefore, it is vital to not only equip a spell or weapon that scales with your character attribute or stat but also to learn about the soft caps of that particular character attribute. Otherwise, the hard-earned Vigor will be wasted if you reach a hard or soft cap threshold.

Each character stat comes with a unique soft cap point, which is not universal across all six attributes in the game.

Most Lords of the Fallen stats have two soft cap thresholds, and Endurance has three. Thresholds are basically tiers that decide how much returns you get as you level up that particular character attribute. For example, at level 20 Vitality or below, each level up gives 20 points. However, this changes to 15 points from Vitaltiy level 20 to 40.

All Soft Caps For Character Stats

Character AttributesSoft Cap Thresholds

How To Check & Respec Soft Caps in Lord of the Fallen

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The best way to check the soft caps of each character attribute in Lords of the Fallen is to visit Pieta with the Rebirth Chrysalis item. This respec item allows you to redistribute your existing stat points and alter the build or playstyle of your existing character in the game.

After that, start increasing the level of each stat and observe the increasing effects in terms of points you get. If you have a Strength weapon equipped, you will notice that after level 40, you only get increased attack power after two levels, which means this is the first soft cap threshold for Strength as it skips one level and does not offer attack power to the weapon you have.

This method does not cost the usage of Rebirth Chrysalis, which is a very rare item you get per run in Lords of the Fallen. You can always check the Soft caps using the old-school method: observe each stat as you progress in the game. However, for the sake of time-saving, we recommend you redistribute the stats while respecing and find out yourself conveniently.