Lost Ark Revelry Row Quest Chain guide

After all, why have a dance emote with no place to dance?

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Ibiza, a gruff-looking adventurer type that Lost Ark players will encounter during their vacationing or indentured servitude onboard the Peyto, points them in the direction of an even more exciting getaway experience, Revelry Row. Sailing to the seas southeast of Vern, Arkesia’s adventurers involve themselves with the so-called “Paradise on Earth.”

Paradise on Earth

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Arriving at what appears to be an open-air nightclub, players first talk to the club’s manager. The manager, acting as club bouncer, will allow the player in, provided that they’re good-looking and Ibiza sent them.

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A Little Lively Music

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A co-op quest, Feeling the Rhythm, takes place on the nightclub’s dance floor, operating on an hourly rotating schedule. To start this quest, when prompted, players should make their way up to the DJ booth and activate the rightmost sound system.

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Feeling the Rhythm

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When the event starts, players will flock to the dance floor and begin to dance, albeit in emote form. The group must perform 15 dance emotes within a time limit of five minutes.

If successful, participants will be rewarded with silver and roster experience, with the amount of each received scaling with each player’s level of contribution. Completion of this co-op quest at least once also unlocks Jackson’s Goodies store, located toward the front of the club. This store provides red, blue, and green cosmetic fluorescent bracelets for player characters, in exchange for 100 Pirate Coins each.

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