How to get the Asure Wind Island Token in Lost Ark

More like the island of lost toy horses.

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It can be a tall order to get all the Island Tokens in Lost Ark. These items are incredibly valuable but each island has its own requirements for getting its token. Some need lots of grinding while others rely on the mercy of the RNG gods to get their token.

Some, like Azure Wind Island, are a bit more straightforward, but that doesn’t mean it will be a quick process to get the token for this island. In fact, you’ll need to do a fair bit of questing, and running back and forth to get the token in the end.

How to get the Azure Wind Island Token in Lost Ark

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The simple answer to how to get this Island Token is that you need to complete the Buried in Flowers Island quest. However, like many quest lines in Lost Ark, completing that particular quest will take a fair amount of work.

The first thing you need to do is take the Dying Horse quest that is visible when you first arrive on the island. This is a prerequisite to all the other quests that follow. Follow this quest line until you complete The Meadow Fairy quest.

Once you have completed this quest, your options branch out. Four different quest types will be unlocked. These are:

  • Timed Sprint
  • Puzzle
  • Riddle
  • Playing Sheet Music or Songs

Each of these quests can be picked up by speaking to the toy horses that are darted along the island. There are more than 30 toy horses on the island and they can be completed in any order. The map above shows the location of all the horses on the island. We highly recommend going through them systematically because it is easy to miss one and need to do a lot of backtracking.

Once you complete every toy horse quest, including the final quest in each of the four quest types, it will finally unlock Buried in Flowers. Speak to Arone, who you met during the The Meadow Fairy and they should be so moved by your dedication to the island that they give you the Island Token as a reward.