Madden 21 Spongebob’s Frenzy! – How to access The Yard location and all events

Are you ready, kids?

A new location for Madden 21’s The Yard was added on January 7 as part of a new title update. In addition to gameplay changes and Franchise additions, the Madden developers also unveiled a new Spongebob-themed location for The Yard. This new location, called Spongebob’s Frenzy!, will allow Madden players to access multiple new events and earn some new Spongebob-themed swag.

So, let’s go over all of the events in Spongebob’s Frenzy!, plus where you can access the location.

How to access the Spongebob’s Frenzy! location

To access Spongebob’s Frenzy!, go to The Yard home screen, and then select the CPU tab. Then, at the Location selection screen, choose Spongebob’s Frenzy!.

While you will be able to set up a party and have friends join you at Spongebob’s Frenzy!, Madden 21 players do not, as of this writing, have the option to take on opponents at this location in online play.

All Spongebob’s Frenzy! events

Here’s a list of all the events that are in the Spongebob-themed location in the The Yard:

The Flying Dutchman’s Ghostly Grab

  • Minimum Score Needed – 7,500
  • House Rules – All other players are super receivers, small bonus for Multi-pass TDs, HUGE Bonus 40 yard+ TDs, Modified Collect OT rules

Sandy’s Rocket Arm Rally

  • Minimum Score Needed – 7,500
  • House Rules – All other players can throw deep, HUGE bonus for Multi-pass TDs

The Goo Lagoon Bowl

  • Minimum Score Needed – 7,500
  • House Rules – You and the opposing Captain are FAST, Teammates and opponents are SLOW