Madden 22: How to complete 97 OVR MCS Madden Bowl Champion set

The MCS is back, and here comes a big reward.

Image via EA Sports

The Madden Championship Series (MCS) is back for another year, as top Madden 22 players will fight for supremacy and to see who is really the best at the game. As part of the Championship Series, EA Madden has released a new MCS set, with the main reward being a 97 OVR Madden Bowl Champion set, featuring a player designed by the player who takes home the Madden Bowl 22 crown in February.

This set will require playing the long game, but you actually won’t need to pick up a controller much in order to get this card. Here’s what you will need to do in order to complete this set.

To get the Madden Bowl Champion master card, you won’t need to actually play Madden. Instead, you’ll need to watch some of the top Madden players duke it out in the four Madden Championship Series events that will be shown live on Twitch. The four events are as follows:

  • Kickoff 22 (September 7-8)
  • Thanksgiving 22 (November 19-24)
  • Wild Card 22 (January 13-14)
  • Madden Bowl 22 (February 12)

Throughout each event, EA Madden will have special Twitch drops for those who have watched and linked their EA Madden account to Twitch. These drops will include MCS tokens that can be used to complete Madden 22 MUT sets. Each of these sets are for an MCS Edition player.

To complete a set, make sure you have done everything above, including linking accounts and watching the events. One hour should yield one MCS token. Then, you should see the dropped tokens pop up in your account. Go to Sets in MUT, and scroll over until you see the Madden Championship Series sets. Then, insert the tokens into the sets for the special MCS Edition players.

The reason why you will need to watch all four streams is because the 97 OVR Madden Bowl set requires four MCS Edition players from the four tournaments that are listed above. The first player that can be unlocked is Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill. An 89 OVR MCS Edition of Hill can be obtained by watching at least three hours and obtaining three tokens. Insert the tokens acquired from the two September streams, and you will be one-fourth of the way towards acquiring the 97 OVR Champion card, which is slated to be unlocked in February.