Madden 22 Ultimate Champion Mission – How to get 95 OVR Kam Chancellor, challenges, and more

Here comes the Boom.

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MUT levels and the addition of Ultimate Seasons are not the only changes to Madden Ultimate Team this year. MUT Master players are (kind of) gone, and instead, have been replaced by the Ultimate Champion. Madden 22’s Ultimate Champion is former Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor, a member of the famed ‘Legion of Boom’ in Seattle. Madden players can acquire a 95 OVR strong safety Chancellor card, but in order to get this version, you’ll need to work for it.

How to get 95 OVR Kam Chancellor

In order to get the 95 OVR Kam Chancellor, you will first need to acquire its lowest version. That can be done by hitting MUT Level 4. You’ll need to grind a bit in Madden Ultimate Team, and a good way of doing this is through challenges.

Once you have hit Level 4, you will unlock the Chancellor item and the challenges that need to be completed, in order to get his 95 OVR version.

Now, in order to get the 95 OVR Chancellor, you will need Ultimate Champion Collectibles. These collectibles can be acquired by completing specific Ultimate Champion missions. Here’s a look at the missions that are available for the Ultimate Champion, as of August 17:

Increase OVR and win games

  • Win 20 games with a team OVR of 70 or less
  • Win 40 games with a team OVR of 80 or less
  • Win 50 games with a team OVR of >= 83
  • Win 100 games with a team OVR of>= 87

Get stars in challenges

  • Complete all 50 challenges in Gridiron Forge
  • Earn 750 Stars in challenges

Win Solos or H2H games

  • Win 15 Solo or Head to Head season games
  • Win 30 Solo or Head to Head season games
  • Win 75 Solo or Head to Head season games

Earn Stats and complete Daily Missions

  • Complete 25 Daily Objectives lists
  • Gain 80.000 Passing yards
  • Gain 400 rushing TDs
  • Intercept 100 passes
  • 5,000 Total points
  • Gain 25,000 Rushing yards
  • Gain 800 Passing TDs
  • Record 200 Sacks
  • Record 1,000 Solo Tackles
  • Force 50 Fumbles

Each of the objectives listed above in the bullet points will yield a special Ultimate Champion Collectible if completed. Many of those, especially the stats portion, will take a considerable amount of time. The good news, however, is that those can be accumulated by completing Solos, online games, and challenges. So, any stats from those offline challenge will carry over to the objectives.

How to upgrade Kam Chancellor

Upgrading Chancellor is very similar to power up traditional MUT cards, but with one twist. As opposed to training, you will need those Ultimate Season collectibles. Select his card in your collection, and go to the Upgrade section. Then, upgrade his card once you receive any collectibles. If you complete all of the objectives listed above, you will then be able to unleash the full power of 95 OVR Kam Chancellor.

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