Madden 23: How to complete Headliners Champion Justin Jefferson and Jevon Holland Sets

Two new Headliners have arrived in MUT.

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EA Sports kicked it up a notch in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) on August 25, adding two new 89 OVR Headliners cards. The two players are Dolphins safety Jevon Holland and Viking star wide receiver Justin Jefferson, both of whom should be valuable commodities in MUT. So, how can you get either the Headliners Jefferson or Holland? Let’s take a look.

How to complete Headliners Champion Justin Jefferson and Jevon Holland Sets

First, let’s take a look at the stats for each, starting with Justin Jefferson:

And for Jevon Holland:

In order to complete either of the two, you’ll need to obtain five 86 OVR Headliners players and enter those cards into those sets. Upon doing that, you’ll get either Jefferson or Holland, depending on preference. The good news with these sets is that the cards that are submitted into these sets won’t be destroyed. After completing either the Jefferson or Holland set, the five 86 OVR Headliners card will be returned to you, but those will be account-bound (BND) and can’t be collected or sold.

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86 OVR cards can be obtained a variety of different ways. These include grinding in the Headliners Field Pass by accumulating stats, completing the Headliners challenges, and playing in House Rules events. At Level 18 in the Headliners Field Pass, players can obtain an 86 OVR Headliners Hero Fantasy Pack.

Additionally, 86 OVR cards can be obtained from packs, the Auction House, or by doing other sets. Each 86 OVR Headliners hero card, including Donald Parham Jr., Carson Wentz, Gabriel Davis, and Lane Johnson, among others, can be obtained through sets.

The Headliners Hero sets require two 78-79 OVR Headliners players, as well as six 82 OVR Headliners cards. Packs and the Auction House can help with the lower OVR cards, as can sets. 82 OVR Headliners can be acquired by obtaining two 78-79 OVR Headliners, four 76-77 OVR Headliners, and six 74-75 Headliners.