Madden 23: How to complete Ultimate Kickoff Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald Champion Sets

Turning the clock back to 2009.

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The Madden 23 Ultimate Kickoff (UK) program has arrived, and it comes with a new Field Pass, and two new Champion cards. Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald, both of whom were featured on the cover of Madden 10, are two Champions of the Ultimate Kickoff program. Both now have 90 OVR cards in Madden Ultimate Team, and here’s how you can get your hands on either one.

How to complete UK Polamalu and Fitzgerald Sets

First, let’s take a look at the stats for each, starting with Troy Polamalu:

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And for Larry Fitzgerald:

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In order to complete either of the two, you’ll need to obtain five 87 OVR Ultimate Kickoff players and enter those cards into those sets. Upon doing that, you’ll get either Polamalu or Fitzgerald, depending on which player you choose to complete. The good news with these sets is that the cards that are submitted into these sets won’t be destroyed. After completing either set, the five 87 OVR UK cards will be returned to you, but those will be account-bound (BND) and can’t be used in another set or sold.

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87 OVR cards can be obtained in a variety of different ways. You can pick them up from packs, the Auction House, or by doing other sets. Additionally, the Ultimate Kickoff Field Pass will yield a tradeable, 87 OVR card that can be used toward one of these sets.

The Ultimate Kickoff Hero (87 OVR) sets require two 85 OVR UK players, as well as four 82 OVR UK cards. Packs and the Auction House can help with the lower OVR cards, as can sets. 82 and 85 OVR Ultimate Kickoff cards can be obtained via the 82+ OVR Ultimate Kickoff Elite Exchange (nine 78-79 OVR UK and nine 76-77 OVR UK cards), or the 82 OVR Ultimate Kickoff Elite Exchange (four 78-79 OVR UK and two 76-77 OVR UK cards) sets.

Gold Ultimate Kickoff cards can be obtained via the 78-79 OVR Ultimate Kickoff and Gold Ultimate Kickoff exchange sets.