Madden 23: How to get and use Training Points in MUT

A helpful boost.

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Madden is back for another year, and so is Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). MUT offers players the chance to upgrade certain cards in Madden 23 using a form of currency called Training. So, how can one get Training, and how can it be used? Let’s look at what you need to know about Training in Madden 23.

What is Training in Madden NFL 23?

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Training is much like MUT Coins and Cred, in the sense that it is a kind of currency in Madden NFL 23. The best way to get Training is by quick-selling players. Each player in Madden 23 has a Quick Sell value for getting Coins and Training. The higher a player’s OVR, the higher the Training bonus.

Where and how to use Training in Madden NFL 23

We should mention that some cards, such as core series items, can’t have their attributes upgraded. However, Training can be used on those cards to unlock their Team Chemistry and Ability slots.

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Others, such as MUT Captains and promo cards like Headliners, can be boosted. To power up a card, select a MUT card in your collection or lineup and select ‘Player Options’ (X/Square). Then, select ‘Upgrade’ and then look at the upgrade options. This should be noted on the left-hand side of the screen, and the number of Training Points needed should be denoted next to the purple UT icon.

Powering up cards is important for a few reasons. One, it gives cards a nice rating boost. But more importantly, upgrading cards with Training points also unlocks special Superstar and X-Factor ability slots. For an additional Training point fee (which in most cases, is quite large), you can add X-Factors to power up eligible cards.

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Lastly, we should mention that you can look for refunds on Training points spent on cards. Remember, though, that you won’t get back the total cost spent to upgrade a player.

To get a Training refund, go back to the screen where you powered up the card. Go to the previous upgrades slot, and hit A/X to receive a partial Training refund.