How to do a celebration in Madden 23

Time to party.

Image via EA

If you’re playing Madden, or football in general, you’ve probably thought about doing a celebration before hitting the paydirt and scoring a touchdown. Unique celebrations have become the norm in the NFL, but there have also been a few that has led to disastrous results. So with all of that said, you might be wondering how to do a celebration in Madden 23. We can help with that, so let’s go over what you need to do in order to do a celebration in Madden NFL 23.

How to perform a celebration in Madden 23

Keep in mind that celebrations in Madden NFL 23 are ball carrier moves. This means that only players who have the ball can do a celebration, and that makes quite a bit of sense. After all, there’s no point in doing one unless you’re gearing up to score a touchdown.

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To celebrate in Madden 23, Xbox players will want to press LT & RT, and then press and hold A. For PlayStation owners, press L2 & R2, followed by pressing and holding X.

The controls for celebrations in Madden 23 are rather simple, as it is just a three-button combination. However, we should note that you’ll need to be very careful when trying to do a celebration.

This is because doing one while attempting to enter the end zone can be problematic, should there be any defenders attempting to take the ball carrier down. Prematurely celebrating a touchdown can seem rather silly on the surface, but if the real thing is any indication, it can happen.

If you do plan on doing a celebration before hitting the end zone, just make sure that it’s done with plenty of space to spare.