Manor of Hermes guide for Tears of Themis – A Love Poem to Skadi Event

Solve the mystery of the Manor of Hermes.

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The Manor of Hermes serves as the main objective of Tears of Themis’ A Love Poem to Skadi Event. You’re tasked with going inside and figuring out what happened in the abandoned mansion. Before departing to the Manor of Hermes, you’ll need to select one of the four bachelors to accompany you. At the start of the event, you can only choose one of them. To invite the other three, you’ll need to raise your Skadi Island reputation to levels four, six, and seven. You do this by completing jobs for the Skadi Island residents.

Once inside the manor, you’ll need to check out different search points of the mansion and investigate them. Many search points require you to have a particular character with you; otherwise, you won’t get any information. To get an idea of where to go, we recommend checking your Tablet. The Tablet shows you your Objectives and lets you teleport to any floor, as long as you’ve been there. Some rooms are locked, such as the Library and Preparation Room. To unlock those rooms, you’ll need to max out your affection level with two of Skadi Island’s residents.

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First Floor

Room & Number of Search PointsRequired Character
Reception Room x3Marius
Kitchen x2Luke
Dining Room x1Luke
Small Study x1Artem
Small Bedroom x1Artem
Medical Ward x3 (Passcode 0012)Vyn
Maid’s Bedroom x1 (Key Required, Obtained from Johann Brose)Any
Entertainment Room x1 (Passcode 6151)Any

Second Floor

Room & Number of Search Points Required Character
Erin’s Bedroom x2Artem
Lassiter’s Bedroom x2Marius
Lassiter’s Study x2 (Passcode is 1930)Luke
Grady’s Bedroom x2Vyn
Rest Area x1 (Passcode is 4745)Any
Prepartion Room x1 (Key Required, Obtained from Jolene Halls at max affection level)Any

Third Floor

Room & Number of Search Points Required Character
Storage Room 1 x2Luke
Equipment Storage Room x2Vyn
Studio x2Artem
Collection Room x2 (Passcode is 0020)Marius
Library x1 (Key Required, Obtained from Muller Connors at max affection level)Any
Abandoned Bedroom x1 (Passcode is 8153)Any
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Once you’ve searched the first, second, and third floors, you’re ready to explore the manor’s basement finally. To enter any of the rooms, you would have to have collected all the pieces of the room’s corresponding gem color. This is easily done by investigating all the search points. The Underground Tomb, while it doesn’t contain any search points, is the final room. Entering this room will unlock the final cutscene and complete the Mansion Adventures questline.


Room & Number of Search PointsRequired Character
Secret Room x2 (Yellow Gemstone)Luke
Altar Hall x1 (Purple Gemstone)Marius
Underground Bunker x1 (Red Gemstone)Artem
Operating Room x1 (Green Gemstone)Vyn
Underground Tomb (Requires all Gemstones)Any