How to “Do a total of 5 Slipstream Boosts” in Mario Kart Tour


A new set of challenges has landed into Mario Kart Tour early this morning as the game enjoys its second week of life on android and iOS devices.

Of the nine challenges available, once again, the game doesn’t spell out how to complete them. Just giving you tips or nods towards specific actions or enemies in hopes you understand the Mario universe well enough to complete them.

One of these that we are going to talk about today is the “Do a total of 5 Slipstream Boosts” challenge, which will have you come pretty close to your opponents to complete it.

How to complete the “Do a total of 5 Slipstream Boosts” Mario Kart Tour challenge

To start a slipstream, you will first need to travel behind an opponent at the same pace as them, matching their movements.

You will know if you have done this correctly as a small air-like effect will begin to appear beside your mode. If you hold these movements for a good amount of time, a few seconds at most, you will complete the Slipstream and gain a nice burst of speed, knocking your opponent to one side.

You will also be rewarded a Slipstream point boost in the top right of the screen, letting you know that you have acted correctly. Do this five times over in any number of matches and the challenge will be complete.

Now, onto the next one.