Can you send Gifts to friends in Mario Kart Tour?


If you have been playing Mario Kart Tour as religiously as we have, you might have come across a small icon in the menu and settings tab in the bottom right corner, titled “Gifts.”

Can you send Gifts to friends in Mario Kart Tour?

This had led many people to believe that there is a way to send some “Gift” to friends, and players have even been searching how ways to do it, but sadly, there is no way to do this (at least at the time of writing).

The Gift feature, like a lot of Nintendo and general Mobile titles, is for the developer to send rewards or items to a player after a certain event or problem that befalls the game.

For instance, with all the problems happening in Mario Kart Tour at launch with various 806 and heavy traffic errors, don’t be surprised if you one day sign in to the game to see you have been given a small Rubie or coin gift to say sorry for the outage.

So, yeah, to go back to our original question, don’t expect to send gifts from friends but do expect to receive your ranked prize and gifts from Nintendo in that area instead. Hopefully, Nintendo will include a feature in the future where you can send players small gifts to help them in-game, but for now, this isn’t an option.