Mario Kart Tour – How To Get Metal Mario


Metal Mario is one of the many drivers available in Mario Kart Tour, but he isn’t unlocked by default. Metal Mario is an Ultra Rare character who starts with 500 Racer Points. His Special Skill is the Fire Flower, which allows you to throw three fireballs, and he can Frenzy on Rainbow Road, Rainbow Road T, Rock Rock Mountain R, Mario Circuit 2R, and Shy Guy Bazaar. This makes him a handy driver to have in your collection.

Mario Kart Tour – How To Get Metal Mario

To get Metal Mario, you need to get 350 Grand Stars, and you can unlock him as a Tour Gift. You earn Grand Stars from how well you do in Races, with a potential to earn five Grand Stars from each race.

Each Star will be awarded for a different score level, with a maximum value awarding five Grand Stars. Your Position Points, Bonus Points, and Base Points are all added together to award you a final score in each race.

  • Position Points – points awarded based on what position you finish the race in.
  • Bonus Points – additional points earned during the race from combos, items, etc.
  • Base Points – points from your driver, kart, and glider options.

Now, you can also get Metal Mario by firing the pipe using Rubies, but it would seem the chances of getting him are extremely low, at 0.26%. This makes it a non-viable option, and you are better to grind through the cups and races until you can unlock him with Grand Stars.

So, there you go! Now you know how to get Metal Mario in Mario Kart Tour.